Planned and Unplanned Breaks During Tests

Planned Breaks

Surpass offers test creators the option to apply breaks to a test during Test Form creation. These are particularly useful for tests with long durations. There are many ways that breaks can be set up in Surpass, read more on candidate breaks here.

Good Practice Tip: Candidates should be advised in an introduction page or prior to the exam exactly how breaks are set up to avoid any confusion during the test.

Unplanned Breaks

There are two kinds of unplanned breaks that an invigilator may encounter: those triggered by external or environmental factors or those triggered by a technical issue, such as a problem with the software or the network. The sections below explain what to do in each of these cases.

Unplanned Breaks – External or Environmental Disruptions

In the event of a disruption that could distract candidates or prevent them from continuing the test, such as a fire alarm, the test can be paused using the ‘Pause’ and ‘Resume’ buttons in the Invigilate Tab. If a disruption of this kind occurs, the test should be paused for all candidates in that session.

Good Practice Tip: Before allowing candidates to restart a test after this kind of disruption, you should ensure that: the situation has been satisfactorily resolved, it is permitted by the regulations to continue the test, it is safe for candidates to continue the test and candidates are comfortable and ready to restart the test.

Unplanned Breaks – Technical Issues

In the event that a candidate’s test is disrupted by a technical fault or issue, such as loss of connection to the server, computer or hardware failure, you should follow the instructions outlined in the Troubleshooting and Problem Solving article.

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