How to Finish a Test

The following content will walk you through the actions that need to be taken at the end of the test, from checking that all candidates have finished and submitted the test to uploading the completed test back to the central Surpass server.

Test Submission

When the candidate is ready to submit their test, they press the ‘Finish’ button. Next, the ‘Confirm Finish’ window will open asking the candidate to confirm that they want to finish the test, followed by another window which will ask them to confirm that they want to submit their answers and remind them that they will not be able to return to the test.

Alternatively, if the candidate does not click the ‘Finish’ button before the allocated time ends, the test will end automatically and they will see the ‘Test Finished’ window. The candidate should press the ‘Next’ button to finish.

Once the test is finished, the candidate will see any finish or feedback pages that have been set up.The invigilator will then see a green tick symbol which indicates that the test is ‘Finished’ in the State column of the Invigilate table.

At the end of the test session, the Invigilator should check that all of the tests show the ‘Finished’ symbol:

Uploading Tests from SecureClient

Once the test has been submitted by the candidate, the completed test should be automatically uploaded back into Surpass as soon as an Internet connection is present. However, if a completed test does not automatically upload due to a lack of internet connection, you can relaunch SecureClient at a later date and the client will attempt to upload any remaining exams.

Remember, the time period during which completed tests can be uploaded may differ on a test by test basis. You should ensure that all tests are uploaded within this window by ensuring that that all of the tests show the ‘Finished’ symbol in the 'Invigilate' screen within Surpass.

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