Checklist for Invigilators

Section 1: Knowledge and Understanding

Use this section prior to the exam session to verify that you have all of the information and skills you may require for invigilating an on-screen exam.
  • I am familiar with the test delivery engine, and can assist candidates if they have questions about how to navigate the menus and interfaces.
  • I can access the 'Invigilate' tab of Test Administration, and can use all of the controls, including:
                                   Using the search and filter tools to locate particular candidate(s) or test(s).       
                                   Using the Pause and Resume function to control breaks in the test.
                                   Voiding a Test (or a test session).
  • I know how the test is to be unlocked, and know either:
                                   How the PIN is to be communicated to candidates
                                   How to use the ‘Unlock’ function in Test Administration.
  • I am aware of any planned breaks, and know what should happen during these breaks
  • I am aware of the procedures I should follow in the event of a disruption, or any unplanned break that must take place.
  • I have read the Troubleshooting and Problem Solving article, and I know how to resolve any simple technical problems that may occur.
  • I know who to contact in the event of a technical failure or problem that I cannot resolve.

Section 2: Environment and Equipment

Use this section in advance of candidates’ arrival to verify that you have set up the test room appropriately, with all of the equipment and any materials that are needed.
  • I have checked that all equipment and hardware are working correctly and ready to use, including peripheral equipment such as:
                                      Audio equipment such as headphones (if applicable).
  • I have verified that all screens are free from glare.
  • I have ensured that candidates will be comfortable, and have enough space to work – including space to do any rough work that may be done on paper.
  • I have sufficient spare computers, with SecureClient installed if applicable, set up and ‘ready to go’.
  • I have a printed Invigilation Pack, with an Attendance Register, Supervision Report and candidate Keycode Slips.
  • I have copied of all the relevant materials in the test room, including any guidance or regulations provided by the Institution.

Section 3: Starting the Test

Use this section to keep track of those actions that must be undertaken once candidates have entered the room, but before the test begins. (Please note: the information given here does not replace the instructions issued by the Institution.)
  • I have verified the identity of all candidates.
  • All candidates have a copy of their unique keycode.
  • Candidates are aware of what to do in the event that they encounter technical difficulties.
  • I have advised candidates to ensure that their details are correct, and that they are sitting the correct test.
  • Candidates are aware of the failsafe measures that are in place to prevent them losing any work if a technical problem occurs.
  • Candidates know what to do in the event of any planned or unplanned breaks.

Section 4: After the Test

Use this section at the end of the test session to ensure that all the correct procedures have been followed and all that all information has been submitted correctly.
  • I have recorded the details of any disturbances or unplanned breaks.
  • I have checked that all candidates’ tests have been submitted, and are shown as ‘Finished’ in Surpass.

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