Using an Author Oriented Model Folder Structure

Below is an example of a subject that has been structured around Item Authors; each Author under a particular assessment or skill area has their own folder. Once a page has been created and modified within the Author’s folder, it can then either be moved or copied into the relevant sub-folder within the Live Items parent folder.


  • The structure is simple and easy to use.
  • Less risk of creating pages in the wrong folder or making changes to the wrong page.
  • It’s easy to identify which pages a particular author is responsible for.
  • The live test folder is separate to the Author folders therefore there is less chance of a page being published to Test Creation before it is ready.


  • Less useful if your Institution tends to use a formal, structured workflow (i.e. pages are passed on to different people as they progress through the workflow).
  • The structure could become complicated if single authors are responsible for multiple skill areas. 
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For further information, visit the Working with Folders page of the Surpass Help.

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