How to Create Tests

About:This guide will demonstrate how to create tests in the Test Creation section of Surpass. You can find more information in the ‘Create New Test’ section of the Surpass help page. 

If you wish to create tests quickly and easily with pre-configured settings dependant on if the test is a learning, formative or summative test - you may wish to use the 'Test Wizard' tool; to read more about this refer to the Using the Test Wizard article. 

In Surpass, tests are used as the umbrella for test forms, which contain the test content. A test will contain the settings and details for all of the test forms that will come under it. 

Step 1: Create your test

In the Test Creation tab, under the Tests section, select ‘Create Test’. You will be given the option to ‘Create New Test’ or ‘Clone Existing Test’. Select ‘Create New Test’. 

Step 2: Enter your details

Another window will appear. Here you can select the appropriate subject from the drop down list, type in a name and reference for the test (these are all mandatory fields), and specify whether the content is for on-screen or paper delivery. Once you have done this, click ‘OK’.

Note: The option to specify whether content is to be taken on paper requires the use of items created in ContentProducer, a separate installable application that is not available as standard within Surpass.

Step 3: Change your test’s settings

You will now be taken to an ‘Edit Test’ window. This will contain a ‘General Settings’ and an ‘Advanced Settings’ tab. Here you can specify details for your test, delivery options, when you want to make it available, the formatting of the exam, and so on. Once you have finished, select ‘OK’. You can edit your test at any time by selecting your test and pressing the ‘Edit Test’ button.

Note: A test must be set to Live to become available for scheduling. 

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