How to Create Collaborative Subjects

About: This guide will demonstrate how to create a collaborative subject in Surpass. A collaborative subject is a subject multiple users have access to and permissions for. For more information, see the ‘Permissions’ section of the Surpass help page. 

Step 1: Create your subject

In the 'Subjects' screen in the 'Setup' tab, select ‘Create Subject’. You can now name your subject and assign it to the relevant centre. 

Step 2: Add other users

Now, select ‘Edit Team Members and Permissions’ in the bottom right hand corner. You now need to identify the Surpass users who will work on your subject, do this by selecting ‘Add Team Member’ and selecting the relevant user(s). Hold shift to select multiple users at once.

Step 3: Specify your user’s permissions

You can now choose which permissions your user will need, do this by selecting them in the table, then ticking boxes in the Subject Permissions column next to the functionality the user will need to access. Once you have ticked a subject permission, the option to make it assignable becomes available, ticking the 'Assignable' box for a permission gives that user the ability to assign that permission to other users. Once you have finished, select ‘Save Changes’.

To remove a user’s access, return to ‘Edit Team Members and Permissions’ and select ‘Remove Access’ once you have selected them in the table.

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