How to Create a Dynamic Test

About: This guide will demonstrate how to create dynamic tests in Surpass. You can find more information on this in the ‘Add Items to Test (Dynamic Rule Editor)’ section of the Surpass help page. 

Step 1: Create your test form

In the 'Test Forms' tab in 'Test Creation', select 'Create Test Form', select your subject and test and assign the test form a name and a reference. 

Step 2: Add a Dynamic Section

Click on the relevant section and select 'Edit' (or double click on the section). This will bring up the 'Section Properties' window. Go to the drop-down menu for 'Content Rules', and change to ‘Dynamic’.

Note: You can also set the total items for this section, the pass mark for the section, and the number of items to be marked in the section.

Step 3: Creating Rules for your test

When you click 'Add' to add items to your section, you will now have the option to add a rule name to your dynamic section, and specify that the section will contain a minimum number of items and maximum number of items.

You can then begin narrowing the search criteria that will create your rule with one or more searches e.g. a search for all computer marked questions followed by a search for all items with a low P value. You can specify for your rule that the computer should take all computer marked questions with a low P value, or all computer marked questions, and questions with a low P value. The system will then randomly draw a number of questions for the test form within the minimum/maximum range specified when generating a test form.

You can create multiple rules within a section, and have multiple sections containing rules.

You will need to check that you have created a valid section and that the number of items available matches the rules for the section. You can do this by selecting 'Validate'.

Step 4: Delivering Different Tests

You can alter test delivery options if you want candidates to receive different versions of the same test, or to have the same test version generated for all candidates. 

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