How to Schedule Tests

About: This guide will briefly demonstrate how to schedule tests in Surpass. You can find more information in the ‘Schedule a Test Session’ section of the Surpass help page. 

Step 1: Open the Schedule Test Wizard

In the 'Schedule' tab in Test Administration, select 'Schedule Test'. This will open the 'Schedule Test Wizard'. 

Step 2: Find your Centre, Subject, Test and Test Form

First, select your centre. You can do this by scrolling through the list, or using the search bar. Once you have selected the centre, press 'Next'. Then, select the subject, test, and if available, the test form. Depending on how your test was set up, you may not be able to select a specific test form. Press 'Next'. 

Step 3: Set the date

Now you can set the date for your exam by selecting the calendar icon. Tick the ‘Multiple day test’ box if the test takes place over more than one day. You can then choose when the test will be available to be taken. Press 'Next'.

Step 4: Add candidates

You can now select the candidates who will be taking this test, and if necessary, import any candidates not in the list. Press 'Next'.

Step 5: Specify test delivery

Now, if the option is available for the test, you can specify whether or not all candidates will have the same questions. You can change the language of the delivery engine if needed, and also tick 'Schedule for Invigilate' if the option is available and you wish for the invigilator to activate the test. Press 'Next' one final time.

Step 6: Review your choices

You can now review your choices with the information in the final screen. If everything is correct, select 'Finish'. Alternatively, you can select 'Back' to go back to previous steps to make alterations. Select 'Cancel' to cancel the scheduling.

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