How to Invigilate a Test

About: This guide will demonstrate how to invigilate a test in Surpass. You can find more information in the 'Invigilate' section of the Surpass help page. 

Step 1: Go to the 'Invigilate' tab

Once you have scheduled your test, go to the ‘Invigilate’ tab.

Step 2: Remove PIN and set a new PIN

You can press 'Remove PIN' to remove the auto generated PIN for the test, and then set a new PIN at any time before the exam by selecting the test and pressing 'Set PIN'. This will generate a new PIN. You can change the PIN as many times as necessary. 

Note: If a test that has been set to invigilate has been set not to have a PIN, it will instead have to be manually unlocked by the invigilator using the unlock button before the candidates can start the exam. 

Step 3: Modify the test duration

You can select 'Modify Duration' on a scheduled test to award additional time to a candidate’s test. You must give a reason for the extra time. You can also allow extra time for breaks, if they have been set up during Test Creation.

Step 4: Print an Invigilation Pack

If you need to, you can print an Invigilation Pack, either from tests you have selected, or by using the wizard. An Invigilation Pack includes an attendance register, an invigilation report, and a keycode slip containing one or multiple keycodes as specified by you. These open within the 'Invigilate' screen and can be saved as a pdf by right clicking on the document and selecting 'Save As….'

You can also print by selecting the 'Print' option.

Remember: You can void the test if you need to at this stage, by selecting the test, selecting 'Void', and choosing a reason for the void. 

Step 5: Pause and Resume

Once the keycode and PIN (if a PIN is required) have been distributed and the candidates are taking the test, you have the option to 'Pause' the test if needed, and 'Resume' it, with the buttons at the bottom of the 'Invigilate' tab.

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