How to Void a Test

About: This guide will demonstrate how to void a test in Surpass. You can find more information in the ‘Test Administration’ section of the Surpass help page. 

Step 1: Select a Test

First you will need to select a test to void. You can void tests in the 'Invigilate', 'Mark' and 'Moderate' sections of 'Test Administration'.

Step 2: Select Void

Select the ‘Void’ button. You will be presented with a window containing a drop-down list, select a reason to carry out the void. If you select ‘Other’, you will be required to type your own reason for the ‘Void’ button to become available.  

Step 3: Void the test

You can now press the ‘Void’ button to void the test. Make sure you are completely sure you want to void a test, as a voided test cannot be un-voided. 

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