How to Set Up Source Items as Tools

About: This guide will demonstrate how to set up source items as tools. You can find more information on this in the 'Source Items and Tools' section of the Surpass help page. The first stage of this takes place in Item Authoring, when the tool is simply added to an item as a media file.

Step One: Create your test form

Once you have added your item to the test form you wish it to appear in, you will need to go to the Tools folder in Test Rules. Select the folder and press 'Edit'.

Step Two: Add your source material as tools

You will now see a new window containing your subject folder. You may either select the arrow to expand this and expand the folder containing your source material, or you can simply search for your desired source material using the search bar. You can now select your source material and press 'OK'. You will now see your source material in the Tools folder, and it will now appear correctly in the test. 
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For further information, visit the following Surpass Help pages:
Source Items and Tools

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