Using Test Submission Settings Effectively

Whether you are preparing tests that will be taken online or offline, you will want to consider what submission options to have in place. It is important that all possible scenarios are considered when selecting options. You can find these options in the General Settings tab when editing a Test. 

Results Upload Grace Period

This option allows you to set the number of days that Test Administration will wait, from the end of the test window before either auto-submitting or voiding tests. Whether it auto-submits the information it has for the candidate's test or voids their test depends on whether 'Attempt Auto Submit' is ticked or not.

The results upload grace period is set to 14 days by default, but can be set to a maximum of 999 days. When deciding this value, you should consider the possibility that an overly long results upload grace period may result in large volumes of tests clogging up the system.

Attempt Auto Submit

Once a test has reached the end of its results upload grace period, it will either attempt to submit automatically, or void automatically. If this box is ticked, the test will attempt to submit automatically, if it is left unticked, it will void automatically. This will only occur once an internet connection is present. 

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