Understanding and Using Subject Sharing

Surpass offers the functionality to share a subject with multiple centres (the default process is for a created subject to be associated with one centre). This enables awarding organisations to deliver tests across multiple centres, and allows faculties to collaborate with other faculties if necessary.

To ensure maximum flexibility for this functionality, we have created a series of levels on which permissions and access can be defined, in accordance with each user's own role within the system. Please see the list below for information.

Site Administrators 

A site administrator has all permissions across all subjects and centres. This means they can access the whole system. Once a subject has been shared with multiple centres, a site administrator will be able to edit and administer the subject for the multiple centres even if no permissions have been specified in the Share Subjects window for the centres added.

You can specify site level permissions for any non site administrator user when creating or editing in the Site Permissions tab. To locate this, enter the 'Edit Permissions' window in Setup>Users. The permissions you define here will allow the user to perform the action(s) specified for all subjects and centres e.g. ticking item writer will allow them to create items for all subjects and centres. 

Centre Administrators

A centre administrator has all permissions for the one centre they have access to. To provide them with access to multiple centres for a subject, you can specify particular permissions in the Share Subject window. Setting these permissions will also affect subject owners and subject users with the global permission specified

Subject Users Without the Global Permission

Subject users without the global permission will need to have their permissions changed manually.

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