How to Group Questions

About: This guide will demonstrate how to group individual items together as groups, so that they appear as one scrollable question to the candidate. You can find more information on this in the 'Working With Groups' page in the 'Test Creation' section in the Surpass Help. 

When compiling content for Test Forms in Test Creation, you will have the option to group together fixed content items. Items that are grouped together will then appear in a test as one single scrollable question - which can be particularly useful for case study questions with multiple parts.

Grouped questions will still be marked as individual items in Test Administration. 

To create a group, simply check out and open the relevant Test Form, and, within the Test Form Rules tab, click within the Section that you want to add a group to. Next, select 'Create Group' at the bottom of the screen. This will create a new folder which items can be dragged into. You can create multiple groups within each section.

Once items have been added to the groups, you can use the 'click and drag' method to reorder them within the group. The order the items are positioned in the group will be the order they appear to the candidate.

You can double-click a group folder to rename it, or alternatively, select the folder and press 'Edit'. Selecting a group and pressing 'Delete' will delete the group. The contents of the group will not be deleted from the test, but will be returned into the overall section.

It is important to check that the content in grouped items does not make scrolling confusing or disruptive to the candidate’s experience; for example, references such as ‘on the next page’ would become invalid. If a candidate navigates away from a screen containing one or more unanswered grouped questions in delivery, they will be presented with a warning message.

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