Introduction to the Surpass Web API

Note: Version 2 of the Surpass API is now available. For any customers not already using API v1, please refer to the API v2 Developer Portal.

The Surpass API has been created to provide a way for you to automate how you can interact with Surpass. The web methods we have available allow an external system to create or amend candidate records, schedule exams for specified candidates, gather information on specific reports and extract results data. 

To communicate with the Surpass API all we require is a HTTP request to the relevant web method. The Surpass API has been built to use Representational State Transfer (REST) and HTTP based protocols.

To be able to successfully run all of the available methods, the Surpass user requesting this information must have the sufficient permissions to perform the action they are requesting. For example, a user who does not have the relevant permissions to schedule an exam will not be able to successfully call the PutTestSchedule method. We recommend creating a dedicated integration user account within the system that can be used when calling the Surpass API.

Below is a list of all the web methods that are available within the Surpass Editions API:

To find out more information on how to call the API please read our Calling the Surpass API article.

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