Using Folder Structures to Quarantine Items

If you have items that are shortly to be used in a live test scenario, and you don't want them to be used in any other tests or changed for a period of time, you can use a folder structure process to quarantine them from other items. Once they are quarantined, you can use the items in the required tests. An example folder structure can be seen below:

"Available Bank" folder
             Question Type folders

English Literature Exam 02/2014 (Quarantine: 04/2014) folder
              Test 1 folder
              Test 2 folder
              "Not to be used" folder

Note: If you plan to use this system for an exam using dynamic rules, you will need to ensure that you have all items that might appear in the exam in your quarantine folder.

Once the quarantine period has ended, you can then simply move the items back into the folder of available items. 

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