Using Comments in Item Authoring

About: You can add comments to an item as part of the quality review process, for example to communicate with other item authors and reviewers.
There are two types of comments:
  • Item Comments
  • Inline Comments
If you have the 'Comment Manager' permission, you can also add and view private comments, as well as delete comments posted by other users. For more information about how to create a custom role with the 'Comment Manager' permission, please see the 'How to Create Custom Roles' article. 

This article will explain how to use comments in Item Authoring.

Item Comments

Adding Comments

To add a comment, select the speech bubble icon in the top right corner of the question, and begin typing into the box. Once you have finished, select ‘Save’.


Note: You have a 500 character limit. 

If you save a comment then exit the comments box, you can return to the comments box and delete it with the bin icon, but this will only work if you have not yet saved the whole page. If you have selected the ‘Save’ icon to save the page, your comment will become permanent and undeletable. 

If there are any unread comments, the comments box will have a notification indicating how many comments need to be read. 

When you open the comments box, you will be able to see comments added by previous users, including any previous comments you may have added, with the date and time of the addition. 

Private Comments

If you have the 'Comment Manager' permission, you will be able to view and add Private Comments.

To do this, simply tick the 'Private comment' checkbox when adding a comment to an item. This means that only other users with the 'Comment Manager' permission will be able to view your comment.

Item History

Comments added will also be visible in the Item History to all users who can view that item. Users with the 'Comment Manager' permission will be able to view all private comments as well.

For those who do not have the 'Comment manager' permission, the Item History will show that a Private Comment has been added, but they will not be able to view the comment itself. 

Inline Comments

You can also add comments inline with test in question stem and answer option boxes.
Inline comments allow you to add a comment to a specific place within the question text and answer options, which helps users to communicate within Surpass. 

Adding Inline Comments

Select the ‘Advanced’ option in the formatting toolbar to reveal further options, then select the pin button. This adds a pin icon in place of the cursor.
Type your comment in the ‘Inline Comments’ panel and then select the ‘Comment’ button to add the comment to the conversation.
Select the ‘Edit’ button to edit comments you have previously posted.
Once posted, you can reply to inline comments using the ‘Reply’ button. This allows you to create a conversation associated within a particular pin.

Viewing Inline Comments

The ‘Inline Comments’ panel shows all comments add to the selected text box.
You can select any pin icon added to the item to view the related inline comments in the panel. 

Deleting Inline Comments

Select the ‘Delete’ button to delete individual comments.
Delete whole conversations using the ‘Delete’ button on the top-level comment.

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