Creating a Printed Exam from Multiple Choice Question Content

In Surpass 12, users are able to create printed/paper-based tests from material originally created for on-screen use. This can only be performed for multiple choice questions. If this action is performed, Test Creation will produce a paper test suitable for print and an automatically generated mark scheme which informs the exam marker of the correct answer to the questions.

To generate a printed test, you will need to begin in the Test Creation section of Surpass 12.

Step 1: Creating the Printed Test

In Test Forms, select the on-screen test form you wish to turn into a printed test. Then select the ‘Printed Test’ option which can be located at the bottom of the screen. You will then be able to select ‘Create’ and a new screen will pop-up, allowing you to insert a name and code for the printed test. You will then be required to select the name of the test once it has been created; this is situated in the left hand column of the screen.

Note: You will only be able to create a printed test form if the selected test is checked-out to you.

Step 2: Generating the Test Paper and Mark Scheme

To generate the test paper for the printed test, select the ‘Generate’ button, located next to the 'Test Paper' bar. This will bring up a new pop-up screen displaying an item preview. The items within the on-screen test will be shown, each with a correlating tick or cross symbol. Multiple Choice Questions items (MCQs) will display as printable, indicated by a tick symbol, whereas if an item is incompatible with printed exams a cross symbol will be displayed indicating the item is unprintable.

If an item has a cross symbol beside it, the test paper will still be generated, however the question will show as:

‘Not a multiple choice question’

These questions will need to be removed upon the physical printing of the test paper.

The mark scheme will automatically be generated once you have completed the generation of the test paper. This will display information regarding the question item and the correct answer to the question to allow simplified marking of the printed test.

Step 3: Downloading the Test Paper and the Mark Scheme

The test paper and mark scheme may be downloaded individually by selecting the corresponding ‘Download’ button or you may choose to download all content by selecting ‘Download all’, which is located at the top of the screen. You will then be asked if you wish to ‘Open’, ‘Save’ or ‘Save as’ the document; select your desired method to view the download output.

Step 4: Uploading a File

If you wish to change a printed exam or mark scheme and upload a separate file in their place, select the ‘Upload’ button and choose the new file from your system network.

Step 5: Viewing the Revision History

The revision history allows users to view a list of the previously created/uploaded printed exams/mark schemes and provides the option to download these previous versions. To download a previous version, simply select the ‘Download’ button to the right of the version you require.

Creating a Printed Exam Using ContentProducer Content

In Surpass 12, it is possible for users to create paper-based tests and test forms in the Test Creation screens using paper-based items that were authored in ContentProducer. You can then generate printed versions of these tests by following the steps above.

In order for ContentProducer content to be available in Surpass 12 you will need to link your ContentProducer project with a subject in your Surpass 12 instance. The Test Form created in Surpass will automatically receive any updates made to items in ContentProducer, but you would need to generate the Printed Test again to update the items in the printed version of your Test.

When you're creating your subject in Surpass 12 that you are linking to your ContentProducer paper project you MUST have the content type set to 'Paper-based'.

Read more here about how to publish from ContentProducer to Surpass.  

For further information, visit the Printing Paper-Based Tests page in the Surpass Help.

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