Release 1.2 Information (February 2014)

We have made some exciting changes to Surpass Editions in Release 1.2, after listening to the feedback from all our clients we have developed some major new features all designed with you in mind.

Item Authoring

Test Creation Wizard

Our new Test Creation Wizard will allow you to create Formative, Summative or Learning tests easily, with pre-determined settings for each test type. This reduces the need to get your head around a complex interface. You will be guided through a series of screens using an intuitive tree-structure to help you to build your tests as quickly as possible; questions can be added or taken out of a test with a single click of a button with this revolutionary tool. Your test will then be available to be scheduled in the Test Administration screen of Surpass Editions.


We have introduced an all-new feedback feature for test questions. You will now have the option to add feedback to your tests at candidate level, allowing you to provide your candidates with further support and guidance as part of the testing process. In this feedback you can include an image, a source item and information directing the candidates to the most beneficial articles/sites which will aid them on their learning path. This feature serves users particularly well when creating learning material or formative assessments which provide constructive feedback, enhancing the candidate’s learning experience.


In Item Authoring, you will now be able to view and leave an audit trail of 'in-house' comments between colleagues working on the same item. This means that any changes made can now be recorded alongside any changes which need to be made at a later date. You will see upon entering an item if a comment has been left since you last edited the item and any past comments will be displayed in chronological order, displaying the name of the user who left the comment alongside the date and time it was saved. This means you know exactly who has made changes to your item and why.

Drag and Drop Question Type

We have introduced the popular Drag and Drop question type to Editions. This allows you to create 'Drag Items' which are to be dragged into the corresponding 'Drop Zones'. This allows further flexibility to the questions you can create in Editions and allows candidates to answer questions using a familiar 'drag and drop' technique; reflecting a method used in current technology on a daily basis. This question type allows for a multitude of both drag items and drop zones, allowing you to determine the question's level of complexity.

WIRIS Equation Editor Question Type

We were given the challenge to provide users of Surpass with the ability to include more complex mathematical responses in their tests and as a result we have bought in the new Equation Editor question type. You will now be able to create test questions which enables candidates to include mathematical equations and expressions in their responses. The Equation Editor box can be left clear or pre-populated with necessary content for your candidates to complete.

Filter Items by Workflow Status

In release 1.2 of Editions, you will now be able to search for your items by their status when searching for items within your item column; this can be done by selecting the filter tool above the column. You will then see a list of the all the statuses available for your items and alongside these will be the number of items available within each of these statuses. (The items statuses displayed are: ‘Draft’, ‘Ready for Review’, ‘Reviewed’, ‘Live’, and ‘Withdrawn’.) You will then be able to select the appropriate status and filter the items to your preference.

Adding Alt Text to Media Files

In Surpass we want our content to be accessible to all candidates and as a result we are always looking for new ways to improve the accessibility options of our test content. Due to this, in release 1.2 of Editions, you will now be able to attach descriptions to media files, enabling the use of alternative text when delivering an exam to visually impaired candidates. When the alternative text has been added to your media it will then be compatible with JAWS screen reader.

Labels for Multiple Choice and Multiple Response Questions 

In Item Authoring, you will now be able to define text labels for multiple choice and multiple response question items. This means if your require your answer options to be labelled A,B,C,D or otherwise - you now have the means to do so.


Test Form Scheduling Permission

In Setup centre administrators will be able to choose to either randomise specific test forms or select a specific test form available within a test. This is determined on a centre-by-centre basis and is set up when each centre is created. Users with scheduling permissions in Test Administration will then be able to set up the test forms as specified at the earlier stage.

Allow candidate CSV to pass through updates  

Administrators will now be able to update candidate records and subject associations using the CSV import. To update a candidate’s record, users upload the candidate spreadsheet with candidates who already exist in database, (identified by their unique reference number) and their records will be updated. This enables bulk updates to be made to candidate details without relying on complex methods of integration. 


Score Grade Transformation Report

We have introduced a brand new report to the Reporting section of Editions, namely the 'Score Grade Transformation Report.' This report will generate data based on a candidate's grade and then allows you to open a new screen which enables you to configure various options of the grading scale for tests which have already been sat by candidates.

Site Admin

Configurable Single Sign On

Site Administrators will now be able to configure Surpass to support their identity provider so Single Sign On can be used for authentication.

Customisable Login Screen

Surpass Editions administrators can now change the image on their login page to ensure it fits in with the institutions branding guidelines.

Authenticate with SurfConext

Surpass Editions now allows users to authenticate with SurfConext.  

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