Authoring Content for Tablet Delivery

This article will detail the processes and considerations necessary to efficiently create content for tablet delivery.

The following list shows which question types and features are supported on the tablet device:
  • Image 
  • Video 
  • Multiple Choice/ Multiple Response 
  • Either/Or
  • Short Answer
  • Numerical Entry 
  • Drag and Drop
  • Essay
Note: The tablet icon displayed in the top-right corner of some of the available question types indicates that this question type is available for tablet delivery. Any items that are not indicated as being available for tablet delivery do not appear correctly in delivery and an error is displayed.

The question types the tablet device does not currently support are:
  • Equation Entry
  • Extended Matching
  • File Attach
  • Fill in the blank
  • Select from a list
  • Hotspot
  • Table
  • Spreadsheet
The item and test authoring features the tablet device does not currently support are:
  • Two column answer option layout (MCQ, MRQ and Either Or only) 
  • Assistive Media
  • Multiple question stem blocks
  • Source Material (including Grouped Images)
  • Table in question stem block
  • Diagram creator (Essay and Spreadsheet only)
  • Optional Sections
  • Breaks (Scheduled and Unscheduled)
  • Test Profiles
(Please note: this list is subject to change)


When creating items, it should be understood that content will need to be tailored to fit a tablet interface.

The instructional language should be adapted to make it clear to the candidate exactly what action they are required to take. For example, if you change the instructional text from 'click' to 'tap' on your item, it will then be consistent with a tablet device.

You may wish to develop a standard instructional language and stay consistent with this. For example, choose ‘tap’ or ‘touch the screen’ etc and remain consistent with this wording. 

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