What to Consider before Delivering a Test with a Tablet Device

Test Preparation

This article is intended to provide you with points to consider before delivering a test with the SurpassDelivery App.

Downloading the SurpassDelivery App

To download the SurpassDelivery App, simply navigate to your tablet's application store and search for 'Surpass'. 

Points to consider

When devices are provided by the centre

If the centre is providing the tablets on the day of the test, ensure that:
  • They are fully charged before candidate use to prevent the battery failing on the day of the test. 
  • The SurpassDelivery App has been downloaded onto every device in advance of the test date. 
  • The latest version of the application has been installed to the device.
  • For all high-stakes exams, all devices are in lockdown mode on commencement of the test. This can be done universally for all devices by the centre.

When candidates are asked to BYOD

If the centre requires candidates to bring their own device to sit the test:
  • Ensure candidates are notified to fully charge their devices before the date and time of the test and consider advising them to bring personal chargers for their device.
  • You may wish to ask candidates to download the SurpassDelivery App onto their device prior to the test date. 
  • Request candidates install the latest version of the application onto the device.
  • If the test is set to require invigilation, then consider giving out the candidates' keycodes before the start date of the test, so this does not have to take place on the day of the test.
  • For high-stakes tests, ensure the invigilator confirms each candidate’s device is in lockdown mode before the test and is taken out of this mode once the test is complete – this will need to be done on a device-by-device basis.

Good Practice Tip:  It is recommended that an IT Administrator or support staff member is on call before, during and after a test to ensure support can be provided in the event of any technical difficulties.

Uploading your SurpassDelivery Tests

This section of the article is intended to provide you with points to consider immediately after delivering a test with the SurpassDelivery App: 
  • Once the tests are completed, they will need to be uploaded to Surpass for the marking to be completed.
  • The tests can be uploaded by either the candidate or the invigilator by selecting ‘Upload’ at the end of the test.  If the tablet has internet connection, the tests will be uploaded shortly after selecting this option. However, a test cannot be uploaded without an internet connection.
  • In the case of any tablet failing to connect to the internet following a test, the candidate's responses will remain secure and can be uploaded as soon as an internet connection is established. For this reason, it is recommended that centres supply candidates with tablet devices, as this helps to control the upload and submit process.

If you require additional security when hosting a BYOD exam in an area with a secure internet connection, then you may consider switching off the internet connection during the test to eliminate any risk of the candidate accessing the internet/emails on their device.

Good Practice Tip:  In the case of both BYOD exams and centre-controlled exams, it is recommended that both the invigilator and the candidate confirm they are satisfied their test has been uploaded successfully. This may be done through both parties signing a register at the end of the test or any other approach which the centre finds most effective to ensure tests are not lost before marking. 

If the candidates have brought their own devices to sit a test and the test has been sat in lockdown mode, ensure to bring all candidate devices out of this mode before they leave the centre.    

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