Online Tests - Invalid Keycodes


When a candidate enters a keycode for an exam they are getting the message:

Invalid Keycode: verification error Diagnostic Steps

The following steps should assist you in pinpointing the cause of the problem you're experiencing when entering a keycode into SecureClient. These steps are in sequential order:
  1. Check the exam has been scheduled in Surpass and if  the status of the exam shows as Ready  in the Invigilate tab
  2. Check the keycode is correct. Sometimes 'I' can be mistaken for 'L' and similarly with '0' and 'O'
  3. Attempt to access https:// [clientliveserviceaddress] from the client PC
  4. Are you logged into the PC as a low-permissions account, such as a students' log-in?  Attempt to log in under an administrator account
  5. Attempt to input the keycode on a different PC with SecureClient installed.  This can narrow it down to one computer or all computers
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