Online Tests - Updates are invalid


When a user launches the SecureClient they are getting the message:

The current Secure Client has updates that are invalid. Please contact your local administrator

When the SecureClient is launched it initially checks Surpass server for any updates made to the software. If the ‘Updates are Invalid’ error message shows, this means that SecureClient has tried to check for updates but has been prevented from doing so.  The most common cause of this block is a proxy server. Alternatively, updates may have been found but that there are not enough local user permissions on the PC to write to this directory

Diagnostic Steps

The steps below should resolve problems the user is experiencing when trying to download updates for SecureClient:
  1. Make sure Read/Write permissions have been granted for the SecureClient folder.
  2. Are you logged into the PC with a low-permissions account? Attempt to download updates whilst logged-in under an administrator account.
  3. Check whether a proxy server is blocking access to update's URL. Resolve this by allowing access to the update URL, or by entering the correct proxy details into the proxy.xml.
  4. Make sure that no Firewall or anti-virus software is preventing the application from running correctly.
  5. See further guidance: ‘Solving/Checking Proxy Configuration and Checking the Folder Permissions.’     

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