Release 1.3.1 Information (July 2014)

The Surpass team have been busy building major new functionality, and we are excited to introduce Surpass Release 1.3.1. We've taken on board your feedback and the latest version of Surpass is better, brighter and more powerful than ever.

You'll find descriptions of our latest features below.

Item Authoring

New Hotspot question type

We have introduced the popular hotspot functionality into Surpass with this new question type. The 'Hotspot' question type enables you to specify a correct area of an image with a resizeable selection tool. The candidate will need to select within this pre-defined correct area to attain marks. You can therefore create a variety of 'identify' questions, utilising images such as graphs, maps and tables to assess s
pecific learning outcomes and skill-sets.  

Use Images as Answer Options

Item authors are now able to include images as answer options for Either/Or, Multiple Choice and Multiple Response question types. This means that text, equations and images can now all be used as answer options within tests. Item authors can use a combination of these in the same question, which is particularly useful if you need a number of image choices and the final option to be "none of the above".

General and Correct/Incorrect Feedback

It is now possible to create correct and incorrect candidate feedback for computer marked questions (in addition to the ability to add general feedback to all question items which is already available). If item authors choose to include this feedback, candidates will be presented with guidance or information during or after a test that is tailored to whether their response is right or wrong: making this option ideal for learning or formative tests. 

Multiple Learning Outcomes 

You can now add up to 16 learning outcomes to a question item, allowing you extra freedom when tagging your items. This consequentially improves searchability in Test Creation and offers more detailed and tailored information from reports generated in Test Administration.

Improved User Interface

A number of enhancements have been made to improve the user's experience in the Surpass Item Authoring screens.

Text boxes during question authoring have been reduced to one line height, and will auto-extend to display all authored content up to fifteen lines. This visibility is particularly useful for users authoring content on tablets.

You can now search for items in Item Authoring by item ID or item name and change the status of single or multiple items at a time, without having to open each item individually. You can also hover over an item in the item tree structure to view its Item ID.

Edit Existing Tests in the Test Wizard

You can now return to edit tests which have previously been created using the Test Wizard, this allows users to make amendments to existing tests quickly and easily, reducing the need to enter the Test Creation screens. This also enables users to collaborate on tests within the Item Authoring screens, making test production more efficient.

Quick Status View Count

When you enter the Item Authoring section of Surpass, you can now view the item count for each workflow status in a subject, from 'Draft' through to 'Live'. This lets you see how many items are at a particular workflow status at a glance, and easily monitor content production and workflow.

QTI 1.2.1 import

QTI 1.2.1 files are now supported for importing multiple choice questions, making it easier to bring existing question content into Surpass.

Restrict Characters in Short Answer Question Type

Users are now able to restrict the number of characters the candidate can input when answering a Short Answer question. 

Test Creation 

Share Tests via URL

After creating a test with the Test Creator tool, users can generate a URL which they can then share with test reviewers or candidates. You will then be given the option to select how long the link will be available to other users, ranging from 1-30 days. This will generate a standalone package which will be hosted on your instance of Surpass. This functionality allows the test to be quality checked or enables candidates to take practice/formative tests as needed, with no need for scheduling.


Distractor Analysis Table

The addition of a Distractor Analysis table in the Items tab of Reporting provides a table displaying how many high, middle and low scoring candidates selected each available answer option for Either/Or, Multiple Choice and Multiple Response questions. This provides a simple indication of how valid each distractor is (for example if a large number of the high scoring group are choosing the same distractor, this might signify that the distractor is too close to the correct answer) and also helps to indicate the difficulty of a question. 

Item Production Report 

A new report is available in Surpass which allows users to generate statistics on activities from the Item Authoring screen. This report
allows you to track the status of individual items, view the mark available for the item, view who last edited the item, the last date and time it was edited and when the item was last used in a test. Users are additionally be able to view information about the item such as the content within it (including an answer key), associated tags and the item history. 


Define Custom Tags

You can now create custom tag groups when setting up your item tags. This will enable you to add not only leaning outcomes, units and keywords to your tests but also any other groups of custom tags containing information or metadata relevant to your content. You will be able to determine through Setup if the item authors can add single or multiple tags to their items from your custom tag group and if authors can add their own tags to this tag group. 

User Creation Wizard

The user creation process is now managed through a straightforward user creation wizard. When creating a user you begin by specifying if you want to create a user with site, centre, subject or custom permissions; each of these options will offer a brief explanation of what this means, to make the process as simple as possible. The next steps will then be tailored to the user type you have selected, for instance, the 'Site' option provides a list of site level permissions which can be assigned including Site Administrator which includes all site level permissions. Selecting to create a 'Custom' user will offer the ability to assign a combination of site, centre and subject level permissions.

Hide Subjects included in Subject Groups

When creating or editing a centre, the option to 'Hide Subjects included in Subject Groups' will prevent any subjects that are included in a Subject Group from appearing as a selectable subject in Test Creation. This option, once enabled for a particular subject, would mean that tests could no longer be created directly from subjects contained in Subject Groups.

German Localisation

Surpass now includes a German language option for the user interface.

Test Delivery 

Enlarge Embedded Images 

Item authors can now enable candidates to open embedded images in a separate pop-up window. This will allow candidates to view an enlarged version of the image, ensuring that they can see the image in as much detail as possible. If an uploaded image is larger than the viewable area, this image will automatically be resized to fit to the test window. 

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