Reviewing Tests with Surpass

In Surpass, after creating a test with the Test Wizard tool, you will be able to create a web link for your test which will allow test reviewers and/or candidates to view the test before it is scheduled for delivery. This can be done by selecting the 'Create Web Link for this Test' option after selecting 'Create Test' in the Test Wizard. You will also be able to determine how long the web link will be available to view, from 1-30 days. 


You can use this link to quality check a test before it is delivered to candidates or ask candidates to sit practice tests via a web link to become accustomed to the system, see how the questions should be answered, navigate the screens and so on. 

Some things to consider when reviewing a test are: 

  • The spelling and grammar of the questions.
  • How clear the question is, can any of the questions be interpreted in different ways? 
  • Does the media work as expected and are the images clear and relevant? 
  • Does the candidate need to answer all the questions, if not is it clear which questions they need to answer? 
  • Have instructions been provided on how to answer the questions, are they aware they need to drag and drop answer options, select from a list etc? 
  • Is the content correct? 
  • Are the incorrect answers plausible and relevant to the question? 
  • For multiple choice questions, are the answer options all a similar length to avoid an obvious correct answer?
  • Has the correct duration of time been allocated to the test? Is there enough time to consider and answer all the questions fully? 
  • Are all related questions and information pages grouped? Do the questions/information pages which should appear together appear together? Similarly, are there any questions which answer the other in the test or any irrelevant content? 

It may also be helpful to consider the following: 
  • If the test has been made for a specific purpose, for example if it has been created specifically for tablet delivery, it would be helpful to review the test on the device it has been created for. This will ensure that the content created is suitable for that specific tablet device. 
  • If the test form  has been created specifically for candidates with visual/hearing impairments and 'Certified Accessible' has been selected in Test Creation,ensure that all the content is suitable for this purpose and the test is compatible with the screen reader/ other aiding equipment being used.
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