Release 1.4 Information (August 2014)

In Surpass Release 1.4 we have brought you some great new features which will increase the flexibility of creating and analyzing your tests. There are plenty of exciting features planned for further releases of Surpass so keep updated by following the Ideas Portal and submit any new ideas of your own. 

You'll find descriptions of our latest features below.

Item Authoring - Test Wizard

Create Paper and On-screen Tests in the Test Wizard 

You can now create paper and on-screen tests in your subject's Test Wizard. This enables you to deliver the same test both on-screen and on paper. If the test has been taken on paper, the results are processed using your OMR software and then uploaded back into Surpass for automatic scheduling, marking and display of results. If you schedule on-screen versions of this test, these will be sat in locked-down SecureClient by the candidate by default. 

Select Items from a Folder at Random when Creating Tests 

In your subject's Test Wizard, you can now choose to select items from a folder at random to create dynamic tests. This can be done by selecting the folder in your Test Wizard 'Items' screen and moving it across into your test, you will then be prompted to choose how many items you require the system to select out of the total amount of items. For example, you may require 5 items to be randomly selected from a folder of 25 items. This will allow you to deliver different versions of the same test to each candidate with different questions being selected from the folder each time.

Item Authoring - Question Types 

Alphabetise Lists in 'Select from a List' Questions 

In Select from a List questions, you now have the option to alphabetise lists to ensure the order of your lists is consistent. 


Analyse the Performance of your Individual Test Forms 

In the 'Reporting' section of Surpass, in the 'Tests' report, you will now be able to analyse the performance of your test forms. Whereas in the previous release of Surpass the information provided was on a test-by-test basis, this addition allows you to view the information on a test form-by-test form basis giving you more in-depth information into the performance of individual test forms. 

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