The Benefits of and 'How to' Guide to Using Dynamic Rules


 In Surpass, you have the option of using the Test Wizard option to create dynamic test rules within each test form.

Creating a dynamic test means that a set number of questions will be selected at random from a question bank to be included in your test. If your test has 4 topics, you may have a question bank that contains 50 questions for each topic and choose to use 10 random questions from each topic. This will create numerous test forms that all equally challenge the candidate's understanding of each topic, but all include different questions that have been selected at random.

Setting dynamic rules may prove to be useful in preventing students from guessing which questions will be on the test. For example, a test may run more than once on the same day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. In this situation it is possible that some students from the morning test would contact students taking the afternoon test, in order to inform them of which questions were on the test. Setting dynamic rules is a quick and efficient method to ensure that all candidates are tested on the relevant topics, yet do not receive the same questions.

Dynamic test rules can be set up for the following test types: 'Learning', 'Formative', and 'Summative'.

How to Guide

1. Go to the Item Authoring section of Surpass.

2. Select the subject you wish to create a test for and click on Test Wizard. 

3. Select Create New Test.

4. Now, select your desired 'Test Type'. Remember, it must be either Learning, Formative or Summative.

5. You will now be presented your Items screen, this will present all live content suitable for use in a test. 

6. If you wish to create a dynamic rule on this page, either left-click and hold the mouse button down on a folder, then drag it into the right-hand column or select the folder then select the right facing arrow. You will then be presented with the following window:

7. The window shows you how many questions are available in this folder. Enter the amount of questions you wish to be randomly selected from this folder and added to your test form and click on Create Rule.

8. You may now choose whether you want the questions items to appear in a random order in the test. You may choose to section your questions by ticking the Sections box.

NOTE: To edit a rule, select the pencil icon to the right of the rule or to delete a rule, select the cross icon.

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