How to Create Paper and On-Screen Tests in Surpass

In Surpass you have the option to create and deliver paper and on-screen tests when creating tests in your Test Wizard. This will enable you to offer both forms of delivery whilst only needing to author questions once, allowing you to manage paper tests the same way as on-screen tests in Surpass. 

When a paper test is generated, a candidate copy and a teacher copy will be made. The teacher copy will be a replica of the candidate copy with an answer key included. You will then be able to choose to schedule and manage the on-screen versions of the test through Test Administration or deliver the paper version of the tests to candidates, process the results with your OMR device and upload them into the Results section of Surpass for automatic scheduling, marking and the display of results and statistics. 

Note: Only responses to Multiple Choice and Either/Or questions can be uploaded via OMR.

Step 1: Select your Test Type

To create a paper/on-screen test, enter your subject’s Test Wizard and select the Paper and Onscreen option.


Step 2: Add your Items

You will now need to include the content to appear in your test. You will be able to include Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, Either/Or, Short Answer, Fill in the Blank and Essay questions in a paper/on-screen test.

You will be able to use sections and order your questions in the test, however you will be unable to randomise sections or create random selection rules for a paper/on-screen test.

Step 3: Add Cover Pages and Include Additional Text

To add a cover page to your candidate and teacher paper tests, upload them at this stage. This will act as the front page of the test.

You can also choose to include additional text at the end of the test and, if you have chosen to include them, at the end of a section.

You will then proceed to determine the general settings for the test.

Step 4: Create your Test

To confirm you want to create your test in the Review screen, select the ‘Create Test’ button. You will then be able to download and print the candidate and teacher copy of your test.

Step 5: Process your Results

For anyone sitting the on-screen version of this test, this will need to be scheduled and managed as normal in Test Administration.

Once your candidates have sat the paper tests, you will then need to process responses using your OMR device and then upload the responses back into Surpass to be automatically scheduled and marked. The results and statistics will then be displayed in the same way as any on-screen tests within your instance of Surpass.

Upload your responses in the Results screen of Test Administration and select the ‘Upload OMR Results’ button.

You can then choose to download a sample CSV template to include the data from your tests or select Browse to search in for any previously saved CSV files.

This file will include the candidate, centre and test form reference and an answer key to show which answer each candidate chose for the individual questions within the test.

It will then be confirmed to you if the upload of your results was successful in the form of a pop-up message and an email sent to the user's email address.

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