Release 1.5 Information (December 2014)

In Release 1.5 we have introduced some exciting new features across Surpass and made a range of improvements to usability, particularly in our reporting section. Stay up to date by visiting our Ideas Portal and submitting any new ideas of your own. 

You will find descriptions of our latest features below. To find out more about any of these features, visit the Surpass Help by clicking on the '?' icon from any page in Surpass.

You can also scroll down this article to review information about the defects fixed in this release of Surpass.

New Features


Import multiple tags into your subject

In the ‘Setup’ tab of Surpass, you can now upload multiple tags into your subject simultaneously, via a spreadsheet. This allows users to easily add a large number of default and custom tags into a subject without being required to input individual tags manually. 

Amend the primary centre for your subject

Users can now change, at any point, the primary centre that was associated with a subject upon its creation. This allows you to reorganise your subjects by associating them with alternative centres, subsequent to the original centre being chosen.  

Item Authoring 

Additional question types supported for print and scan

When creating paper and on-screen tests in the test wizard, users are now able to include essay, short answer and fill in the blank question types as items in their tests. This allows for more flexibility and diversity when creating tests. 

Advanced WIRIS editor now available in Item Authoring

Item authors will now have use of the advanced WIRIS editor tool when creating relevant questions in Item Authoring, allowing the creation of questions which require the input of more complex equations or formulae. 

Determine the number of lines available in essay questions

When creating a question to be used in a paper test, you can now determine the number of lines available for the candidate to write their answer. This feature is available when creating an essay question in Item Authoring and enables users to control the amount of space given to candidates for the questions in their test. This can be useful in providing a guide to candidates on what is expected of them with regards to the length of the answer. 

Include PDFs in File Attach questions

Users will now be able to use a PDF file when creating a file attach question; the attached PDF file will be available for candidates to edit and upload back into Surpass for marking.

Live Item Change Warning 

A warning is now displayed to any user who attempts to save a change made to a live item. The user can then choose to continue, cancel and re-edit, or discard all changes made. This is to ensure that users are aware that any changes made to the live item will affect the statistical data for it and any test it is used in.

Item Authoring Interface Improvements

Improvements have been made to the layout of the Item Authoring screen; the new interface is more efficient to navigate, as users will no longer have to scroll down the page to select an item type.

In addition to this, users will now be able to adjust the size of the item tree structure to their preference, simply by clicking and dragging it to their desired size.

If users wish to see a description of what each item is, they can hover over the images to reveal a tooltip.

Test Creation

Computer Based Projects

Users can now assess candidates over a longer period of time by setting up Computer Based Projects. This is done by selecting this option (instead of Computer Based Test) in ItemBank and means that an open project can be created, with a deadline days, weeks, or even months away. These settings are useful for projects such as coursework, or e-portfolios, and candidates will have access to their Computer Based Projects at all times until the submission date.

When a Computer Based Project reaches its deadline, it will automatically submit itself, if the candidate/user has failed to do so. This type of assessment supports all of the question types featured in Surpass, including the Fie Attach question type, which can be used to upload a variety of file types to the Computer Based Project, such as Microsoft Word and Excel and PDF files.

Test Administration 

Automatically register candidates in OMR upload 

In the 'Results' screen of Surpass, when selecting the 'Upload OMR Results' options, you are now able to determine if the system automatically registers candidates to the subject and centre in which the test was taken, if they had not been previously. This option can be left un-ticked, which would mean any candidates not previously associated with the subject and centre would bring up an error in the confirmation email following the OMR upload. 

Include Custom Tags in Reports

All custom tags that have been added to items are now available in reporting, and can be viewed in the Raw Data Extract and the Raw Data Extract.

Preview your items in the Item Production report

You can now view a read-only version of items while reviewing information in the Item Production or Item Performance reports.

Report usability updates

The Item Performance report has been amended to enhance its usability and clarity. The following 10 columns now make up this section:

A useful description of what information is shown in each column can also be accessed by hovering your mouse over the column's title.. In addition, the Item Production report has been amended to enhance its usability and clarity and a new column, entitled 'Created at', has been added, which informs the user of when the item was initially created. The Centres report has been amended to enhance its usability and clarity, and the order of the reports available in reporting has been amended to follow a more logical order, meaning that 'Item Performance' now comes before 'Item Production'.

Raw Data Extract Enhancements

Display Voided Results

If a candidate’s test has been voided this is indicated by the inclusion of the word ‘Void’ in the ‘Grade’ column.

Display Item Type

Within the Raw Data Extract, an ‘Item Type’ column has been added. This additional column will demonstrate, for each item within a test, what type of item is in use, for example, multiple choice, information page. This information allows users of the report to filter on this information, helping them to extract the most relevant information.

Enclosing Responses within Quotation Marks

In the Raw Data Extract, quotation marks are used to enclose responses that contain certain punctuation marks/characters. This has now been extended to include answers which contain semi-colons.

Fixed Defects

Item Authoring

ID: DE14422
Issue: A formative test should allow the candidate to see feedback at the end of the test; however, when a test was created via the test wizard and delivered, the test ended without feedback.
Resolution: This has now been fixed to show the feedback when the test finishes, provided the items within the test have feedback set up.  

ID: DE14989
Issue: It is not possible to generate a Test using the Test Wizard if items migrated from BTL’s ContentProducer are included in the test.
Resolution: This issue has now been fixed to allow using migrated items when creating a Test via the Test Wizard.  

ID: DE14574
Issue: The instruction text on a Fill in the Blank question type edit reverts from customised text entered by the author to default text when switching from ‘Preview’ mode to ‘Edit’ mode. In ‘Preview’ the edited instruction text is shown but when viewed in ‘Edit’ the instruction text reverts back to the default wording, ’Read the following text and fill in the missing words’.
Resolution: This has been fixed to ensure that the edited text is displayed correctly in both ‘Edit’ and ‘Preview’ modes.  

ID: DE14459
Issue: The textbox for Extended Matching does not increase to accommodate more than 3 lines of text. If more than three lines of text are typed the additional lines appear outside the textbox when previewing the question or during exam delivery. Note: this issue only occurs when a continuous line of characters is entered.
Resolution: This has now been fixed so that all entered text appears within the textbox.

ID: DE14888
Issue: The word ‘candidate’ is misspelled as ‘candidiate’ on the introduction button in Item Authoring.
Resolution: The correct spelling is now used.  

ID: DE14874, F18682
Issue: The word 'summative' has been incorrectly translated in Dutch as 'samenvattend' in the Test Wizard.
Resolution: This is now correctly translated to ' summatief’.  

ID: DE14721, 17050
Issue: The font size used for text boxes is inconsistent in Edit and Preview mode.
Resolution: This has now been fixed so that both modes display the same font size. Note: the border of answer options is thicker in Preview than Edit and this is by design for usability purposes.  

Test Creation

ID: DE11806
Issue: When editing the Grade Boundaries of an existing Test Form, the percentage symbols are not shown after editing and closing the Grade Boundaries window again.
Resolution: Percentage symbols are shown consistently in the Test Form Details screen.  

ID: DE13118
Issue: When adding a comment on check in of a Test Form, using the ‘&’ symbol causes the user to see an error message and prevents them from re-accessing the Test Form.
Resolution: The ‘&’ symbol can now be used in comments without presenting an error.  

ID: DE8414, F13170
Issue: When deleting a paper-based Test Form in Test Creation there is an error shown preventing this from happening. Though this is by design, as it is not possible to delete a Test that has a printed copy associated with it, the error message displayed is not presented fully.
Resolution:  The full error message is shown, explaining why the Test can’t be deleted.  

ID: DE10646, F14940
Issue: When creating a printed edition of a paper-based Test Form in Test Creation, it is possible to add a / in the name field. The / character is unsupported and results in an error when downloading the file.
Resolution:  It is not possible to include the / symbol in the file name.  

ID: DE12942
Issue: When creating a printed Mark Scheme for a paper-based Test Form in Test Creation, the Section Name and Question Number appear at the start of each Mark Scheme item. These should not appear.
Resolution: The Section Name and Question Number do not appear at the start of each Mark Scheme item.  

Test Administration

ID: DE13163, DE59, F9172
Issue: When editing an existing scheduled Test for a candidate, the date of birth displayed in the Schedule Test screen is displayed incorrectly.
Resolution: The correct date of birth shows when editing a scheduled Test.  

ID: DE11448
Issue: When scheduling a Test that is not set to require invigilation, the warning message at the bottom of the ‘set date’ screen of the Scheduling Wizard incorrectly displays the message ‘This Test will require a Keycode and PIN.’
Resolution: The correct message is shown based on the Invigilation requirements that have been set up.  

ID: DE12906
Issue: It is not possible to delete Tests from the Audit screen of Test Administration. In Test Administration, navigate to the Audit screen and select a Test that has not been flagged for re-marking and has not been submitted in the last 24 hours; the test cannot be deleted.
Resolution: It is now possible to delete Tests from the Test Audit screen, provided the above conditions are met  

ID: DE13225
Issue: In the Marking tab of Test Administration, Tests are shown in the ‘Test Name’ column filter that are not human marked and therefore should not appear.
Resolution:  Only Tests that require human marking appear in the list in the Marking tab.  

ID: DE13287
Issue: In the Marking tab of Test Administration, Tests shown in the ‘Test Name’ column filter are not presented in alphabetical order.
Resolution: Tests listed in the ‘Test Name’ column filter are now presented in alphabetical order.  

ID: DE11967
Issue: In the Marking tab of Test Administration, it is not possible to filter on the percentage column, and the marking progress column incorrectly shows the filter of the ‘percentage’ values. Resolution: This has now been fixed to ensure that both the ‘Percentage’ and ‘Marking Progress’ columns can be filtered correctly.  

ID: DE12570
Issue: When marking the Essay question type, the last line in the box is not visible when clicking on the scroll bar, only when using the scroll wheel on the mouse.
Resolution:  All lines of text can be viewed, either using the scroll bar or mouse wheel.   


ID: DE14601
Issue: When exporting results information in the Raw Data Extract in the Item Performance reporting screen, the candidate’s actual mark is shown as a decimal with up to 6 decimal places. Resolution: The candidate’s ‘actual mark’ or mark achieved is now rounded to 3 decimal places within the raw data extract.  

ID: DE13177
Issue: When formatted text is used within items, it is not possible to generate a ‘Raw Data Extract’.
Resolution: This issue has now been fixed allowing ‘Raw Data Extracts’ to be created for items containing formatted text.  

ID: DE14853, F18516
Issue: When generating a report in the ‘Test Performance’ screen, the interface can time out and become unresponsive whilst the report is being produced.
Resolution: This issue has been fixed to ensure that the screen does not timeout whilst running the report.  

ID: DE14424, F18342
Issue: When running the ‘Item Production’ report, if the report is run on a top-level folder, which contains sub-folders, the items within sub-folders are not included in the report.
Resolution: The report will now include all of the sub-folder items when run on the top-level folder.  

ID: DE14887, F18631
Issue: When running the ‘Item Production’ report, the answer key is shown as ‘n/a’ for some questions, even though the answer for these questions was set in Item Authoring.
Resolution: All supplied answer keys are shown in the report.  

ID: DE15121, F19030
Issue: When exporting results information in the Raw Data Extract in the Item Performance reporting screen, some responses incorrectly include the following characters: #!#.
Resolution: This has been fixed to ensure the additional characters will not be displayed in the report.  


ID: DE14611, F18131
Issue: When exporting Subjects from the Setup screen in Surpass, on occasion an error is shown if the subject contains File Attach question types. This does not occur for all Subjects.
Resolution: This issue has now been fixed to allow all Subjects to be successfully exported.  

ID: DE14718, F18351
Issue: When sharing a Subject with multiple centres at a time and assigning specific sharing permissions to the centre, although the Subject has been shared successfully, an error message is shown.
Resolution: When sharing a Subject with multiple centres, specific permissions can be assigned without an error message being presented.  

Candidate Assessment

ID: DE14157, F17657
Issue: When the local computer is set to use the ',' (comma) symbol as a decimal point and the '.' (full stop) as a digital grouping symbol, the candidate’s percentage result for a particular unit is shown incorrectly in the end of test feedback screen (i.e. more than 3 figures are used for a percentage score).
Resolution: This has been fixed so that the correct percentage score is shown when the local language settings on the computer are set to use the ',' as a decimal point and the '.' as a digital grouping separator.  

ID: DE15051, F18945
Issue: When opening an attached source file image within the test delivery interface, the pop up window that opens contains incorrect header text.
Resolution: The incorrect text has been removed from the pop up window.  

ID: DE13149  
Issue: When using the File Attach question type it is not possible to rename an uploaded file. Please note: only web delivery is affected by this issue. Secure File Attach delivery in SecureClient is not affected.
Resolution: This issue has been fixed so that files can be renamed after they have been uploaded.  

ID: DE11757
Issue: SecureClient can fail to open when launched on computers with regional settings which use a comma ‘,’ in place of a full stop ‘.’.
Resolution: SecureClient supports computers with regional settings which use a comma ‘,’ in place of a full stop ‘.’.  

Known Issues

When using the Advanced WIRIS toolbar (equation editor) through on an iPad 3 the performance becomes slower. Note: this is also dependent on the number of advanced WIRIS toolbars on the screen, so for Multiple Choice or Response question types, where equations are used as answer options, the performance issue may become more apparent.


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