How to Create New Candidates

About: The Candidates tab allows you to create the details and information needed about the candidates who will be taking a test, and associate them with the relevant Centre and Subject. This is a step-by step guide to creating new candidates, as well as how to upload a list of candidates from a CSV file.

Step 1: Enter Candidate Details

From the ‘Candidates’ tab on the ‘Setup’ page, click the ‘Create Candidate’ button.

A window will appear asking you to fill in the candidate's first name*, middle name, last name*, gender, candidate reference number, date of birth*, email, telephone number, expiry date and ULN (Entries with a * are required fields, and ULN may not be visible depending on your Site Settings set up). A tick box is also provided to indicate if the candidate qualifies for reasonable adjustments. Click ‘Continue’ when completed.

Note: The candidate reference number is a unique sequence of characters used to help identify the candidate. If you do not have a number when creating a candidate, you can leave this field blank and a reference will automatically generate.

Step 2: Associate Candidate with Centre(s) and Subject(s)

After entering the Candidate’s details, you will be taken to the second and third stages, requiring you to select the centre(s) and the subject(s) that the candidate should be associated with.

Tick the box next to the relevant centre and subject, then click ‘Create Candidate’ to finish.

Uploading a List of Candidates

An alternative to creating each candidate individually, is to upload a list of candidates from a CSV file. Follow the steps below to discover how to do this.

Step 1: Upload Candidates

Click the ‘Upload Candidates’ button from the ‘Candidates’ tab of the ‘Setup’ screen.

A window will then open where you can download a sample CSV file, which can be populated with the candidates’ details. 

If candidate tag groups and tag values already exist in Surpass, you can upload these for each candidate by adding extra columns to the spreadsheet with a header in the format '[candidate tag group]' and adding the tag value to the relevant candidate's row. For more information about creating candidate tags, please see this article.

Once the CSV file is completed and saved to your computer, click the ‘Browse’ button to search for the file.

Note: The CSV file must be in the same format as the example provided, otherwise the data will not upload to Surpass correctly.

Step 2: Select Associated Centre and Subject(s)

Use the drop-down menu to select the Centre the list of candidates should be associated with, and tick the box next to the relevant subject(s).

Click the ‘Upload’ button to add the candidates to the system.

Note: The candidates can only be associated with ONE centre when using this method to enter candidate details.

For further information about creating new candidates, visit the following Surpass Help pages:
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