How to Publish from ContentProducer to Surpass

About: This guide will demonstrate how to publish content from ContentProducer to Surpass.

Step 1: Create your Centre in Surpass

First, you will need to create a centre in Surpass. In the Setup section, go to the 'Centres' tab and either locate an existing centre or create a new one. If you do not enter a centre reference code manually, a Centre ID will be automatically generated. Take a note of the centre reference code, as you will need it later.

Step 2: Go to Project Properties

You now need to go to the Project Properties of your project in ContentProducer. In the 'Publish Settings' tab, go to 'Custom Publish Parameter's and create a new parameter with the name 'QualificationReferences'. In the 'Value' column, enter the centre reference code from Surpass.

Note: You will also need to make sure you have unticked the 'Disable Publisher' tickbox.

Step 3: Enter the Surpass address

You will now need to enter the correct address for Surpass in the ItemBank Address box. The text you enter here will follow the following format, where [name] is replaced by the name of your institution or organisation.


This address consists of your Surpass URL, plus the text /ContentAuthor/Services/WebServices

For example, if the address you use to access Surpass was, then you would enter into the Address box.

Once you have done this, select ‘OK’. You should now publish the content that you wish to use in Surpass by setting it to the relevant workflow status.

Step 4: Locate the content

You can find your ContentProducer content in Surpass by going to the 'Subjects' tab in the 'Setup' section. Click on a subject in the table and select ‘Edit’ in the 'Subject Group' tab.

Select the ‘External Item Sources’ option, and select your project.

Press the ‘>’ arrow, then select ‘Save Changes’. You will now be able to draw the ContentProducer content from this project when assembling a test in the 'Test Creation' section.


For further information, visit the Subject Groups Surpass Help page.

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