How to Moderate Tests

About: Use the ‘Moderate’ tab to view the candidates’ test results and the percentage gained in each test, inspect the details of the test and study statistical information regarding the question items. You can change the pass mark of the tests to alter the number of candidates with a ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ result.

Accessing the ‘Moderate’ Tab

The ‘Moderate’ tab can be found in the ‘Test Administration’ section of Surpass.

The screen will show a table of tests that require moderation before results release. In this table you can view various pieces of information about the test, such as Subject, Test Name, Candidate Ref., Centre Name, and Duration, to name a few.

Moderating a Test Script

Select the test you wish to view from the list, and click the ‘View Responses’ button at the bottom of  the screen to view items that have been marked, but require moderation

At this point, you can change and view any previously assigned marks and annotations, and change the marks if required. If you are happy with the marks awarded, close the window to return to the table of tests requiring moderation.

Releasing Tests from Moderation

With the test you have checked highlighted, click the ‘Release’ button to confirm the result as final and publish it to the ‘Results’ section. A pop-up will be displayed, asking you to confirm the release; select 'Yes' to continue. A message will be displayed after you've released the test, informing you that the selected test's results have been released.

Note:You can also release multiple tests. Select one test and then select the 'Release all' button. This will release all tests of the same name that are currently within the Results Release state.

Additional Functionality

Within this tab, you can also perform several other actions, detailed below:

Change Grades

Choose a test and select ‘Change Grades’ to change the grade boundaries for all instances of that test form currently on the ‘Moderate’ screen.

Note: Changing the grade boundaries will only affect the results of tests that are currently at the ‘Moderate’ stage. There may be other scheduled tests that have not been taken yet, which may be eligible for a grade boundaries change.

Void Test

It is possible to void a test at the ‘Moderate’ stage if you need to, for example, in the event that a candidate was found to have cheated.  If you wish to void a test, simply select the test in the main table and click the ‘Void’ button. A pop-up will appear prompting you to enter a reason for voiding the test.

Change Marks for Unattempted and Computer-Marked Questions

If a candidate did not provide an answer to a question requiring human-marking then the ‘View Responses’ screen will not allow a mark to be awarded, unless the option to override auto-marking has been enabled. Similarly, the moderator will not be able to award marks to computer-marked questions unless the option to override auto-marking has been enabled. If this option is enabled the user can enter a valid mark, and the page will consequently show as overriden in the navigation menus and audit history.

View Question Summary Report

The ‘Question Summary Report’ illustrates how many times a question item has been attempted and the facility value for the item. The facility value indicates how frequently the item has been answered correctly. The report shows information about the test, the qualification and the date on which the test was taken. Beneath this information will be a table, displaying information on the question items from the test.

View Quintile Analysis Report

The ‘Quintile Analysis’ report breaks down the individual multiple choice answer selections and shows the frequency of a specific answer-option selection, in relation to candidates’ ability. To view the Quintile Analysis Report select the ‘Quintile Analysis’ button. The report will produce a quintile table for each multiple choice item within the test. Questions that are not multiple choice will be replaced with the text ‘Not a multiple choice test question’.

You can package a candidate’s test from this screen, including all their questions and responses, to distribute it to someone else, or the candidates themselves, for example. This package is stand-alone and is in a read-only format.

For further information about the Moderate screen, visit the Moderate Surpass Help page.

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