How to View Results and Candidate Reports

About: The ‘Results’ screen provides access to the reporting element of 'Test Administration'.  Reporting allows you to access results information for tests which have been taken and submitted by candidates; however, you will only be able to see the results of subjects belonging to centres to which you have been granted access.  Any tests that are ‘Void’ will not be available in the ‘Results’ table. You can also use the Report wizard to print test or candidate result information.


Accessing the ‘Results’ Tab

Go to the ‘Test Administration’ screen, where you will find the ‘Results’ tab.

Breakdown Reports: Test and Candidate

Use the ‘Results’ screen to view candidate results and print out a report containing test summary and result information. The information contained within the report is test specific. It may include information that is categorised by learning outcomes or unit. It will contain the corresponding candidate mark in each of these categories.  You can generate a report for an individual candidate, or for the whole test:

  • The individual candidate report will show the test topic/area summary and the candidate’s results in each area.
  • The test report will show the test topics/area summary and the total of the candidates’ results in each area.

Creating a Candidate Report

To create a candidate report, select a candidate then click the ‘Candidate Report’ button. This will open a 'Test Reports’ pop-up window containing the ‘Results Summary’, ‘Results Breakdown’ and ‘Result Report’, in PDF format, for your specified candidate.

Below you can see an example report:

There are other reports that you can create here which contain varied information. For more details on the information presented in each report, please see the Results section of the Surpass Help.

For further information about the information you can find in the Results screen, visit the Surpass Results Help page.

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