Release 1.6 Information (March 2015)

In Release 1.6 we have introduced some exciting new features across Surpass and made a range of improvements to usability, particularly in our Item Authoring section. Stay up to date by visiting our Ideas Portal and submitting any new ideas of your own. 

You will find descriptions of our latest features below. To find out more about any of these features, visit the Surpass Help by clicking on the '?' icon from any page in Surpass.

You can also scroll down this article to review information about the defects fixed in this release of Surpass.

New Features

Item Authoring

New Layout for the Item Authoring Screen

Enhancements have been made to the Item Authoring interface, which make this section of Surpass easier to interact with and more efficient. This includes moving the 'Save' and 'Preview' buttons to the bottom of the screen, so that they can be easily accessed when a user has finished authoring an item. In addition to this, the folder tree has now moved to the left-hand side of the screen.

Optional Word Counter for Essay Questions

Users now have the choice to add a word counter to essay questions in order for candidates to see how much they have written when responding to the question. The label for the word counter is customisable and item authors are free to re-name it.

Download Printable Tests with the Test Wizard

You now have the option to download and print tests created in Test Creation and also Learning, Formative and Summative tests created through the Test Wizard to take on paper. However, the same rules apply with regards to ensuring that all of the items on the test form are compatible with the paper format. The supported question types include: Multiple Choice, Either/Or, Short Answer, Fill in the Blank and Essay.

Test Creation

Remove Multiple Items from a Test

Users will have the option to remove multiple items from a test form at once. This can be done by simply left clicking and holding down ctrl to select the unwanted items and then clicking on 'Remove Item'.

Keep Search Parameters open when Adding Items

When you are adding items to a Test Form, it is now possible to keep the search parameter window open whilst creating multiple parameters.

Rolling Total Marks Text

In the Test Forms section of Test Creation, a rolling tally of total marks available on a test is now displayed to the user. This updates automatically as new items are added or removed.

Test Administration

Submit Multiple Test Scripts

It is now possible to submit multiple scripts at a time from the 'Mark' tab in Test Administration. This can be done for any tests that have a marking progress of 100%.

Candidate Review 

You can now schedule a review session for candidates, which enables tests to be accessed with a passcode and the candidate's unique keycode once they have been marked. Candidates will then have the opportunity to view their responses and any correct or incorrect feedback that has been attached to a question. This may be useful if a review session is a requirement at your institution, or if a candidate appeals against the grade they have been awarded.

Test Delivery

Internet Bandwidth Test

Users can now test their internet bandwidth and compare it to the minimum requirements before they begin a test session, when delivering a test through web browser delivery. The option to do this is on the keycode entry screen, under the heading 'System Check'.

Fixed Defects

Item Authoring

Related References: DE15184

Issue: The system is allowing users to upload AS2 content, which is causing the system to get stuck during the 'Preview' process.

Resolution: AS2 content can no longer be added to the system.

Related References: DE15232

Issue: When importing items into Surpass, an error is shown if items are imported which contain text which uses font size 12.

Resolution: Text using font size 12 can be successfully imported.

Related References: DE14522

Issue: Items that have been permanently deleted or are in the recycle bin in Item Authoring are appearing in the Item Production reports when they should not.

Resolution: An item no longer appears if it has been permanently deleted or is in the recycle bin. There will be no record of the item on the Item Production report.

Related References: DE15140

Issue: When importing questions from a spreadsheet, the system does not recognise separate paragraphs and you have to manually amend the question.

Resolution: The system now retains paragraphs in imported items.

Test Creation

Related References: DE15141, SW19067

Issue: It is not possible to add an apostrophe to the configurable confirmation text within a test.

Resolution:  Apostrophes can be added to the confirmation text.

Related References: DE14739

Issue: The facility values and the counts of easy, medium and hard items for an exam or a section are consistently shown as 0. This applies in the 'Test Summary' view, the 'Edit Section' pop-up and also the 'Test Preview'.

Resolution:  Facility value ranges are now populated with the correct values throughout.

Related References: DE14970

Issue: When generating a printed test, the introduction page appears as a question. This issue only affects tests in which the language is set to Dutch.

Resolution:The introduction page shows correctly without a preceding question number.

Related References: DE13973

Issue:  When sorting comments in the 'Test Form Comments' screen, the comments do not correctly sort by date.

Resolution: The information is sorted correctly when sorting by date.

Related References: DE14993

Issue:  When using the column header sorting in the 'Tests' tab, the sorting is discarded after editing a test.

Resolution: Column sorting remains applied after a test is edited.

Test Administration

Related References: DE13257, DE13806, DE10803

Issue:  The language used within the ‘Edit Grade Boundaries’ window in Test Administration is grammatically incorrect.

Resolution:   The following text now appears:

“As a result of this change 1 result was changed to [grade]”. (Where grade is the new grade) if only one is affected.


“As a result of this change x results were changed to [grade].” (Where x is the number affected, and where grade is the new grade) if more than one are affected.

Related References: DE14288

Issue:  When editing the submission date of CBP assessments, there is no character count available in the ‘Modify Submission Date’ pop-up window, therefore the user does not know how much information they can provide.

Resolution: A character count has been added to the ‘Modify Submission Date’ pop-up.

Related References: DE13231

Issue:  There is no filter available for ‘Subject’ within the 'Mark' tab.

Resolution:   A ‘Subject’ column has been added to the 'Mark' screen. The column can be filtered and sorted.

Related References: DE14686, DE14867 F17932

Issue:  When printing an invigilation pack from the 'Schedule' screen, the Centre Name displays as an incorrect centre in the Supervision Report.

Resolution: The correct centre is recorded on the Supervision Report.

Related References: DE14860

Issue:  When generating results slips, the result is always presented as a percentage, including for tests marked using number of marks only

Resolution: Tests using marks-based results will display in the results slip as x marks out of y.

Related References: DE14988, DE14976, DE14813

Issue:  When using the column header filter in the 'Date' column of the 'Mark', 'Audit' and 'Results' screens, it is not possible to filter by a single date.

Resolution: Date columns in the above screens can now be filtered to show a single day.

Related References: DE14907

Issue:  When an error is generated, the date and time presented in the error message is incorrect.

Resolution: The error message returned shows the correct date and time.

Related References: DE15559

Issue: Occasionally the results screen appears blurry when trying to navigate to that screen before the Test Administration - Schedule screen has loaded.

Resolution: The screen no longer appears blurry when navigating between tabs.

Related References: DE15043

Issue: If a test form is set to 'Forward Only Navigation', it will not allow a user to mark a script once the test has been sat.

Resolution: Users can now mark scripts that were set to 'Forward Only Navigation' in Test Creation.


Related References: DE15374

Issue: Centres cannot be deleted from the Setup > Centres section.

Resolution: Centres can now be deleted from the Setup > Centres section.

Defects Fixed in Release 1.5

Related References: DE15323

Issue: Subject not visible to Centre User, despite the User having full permissions for the Centre and the Subject being shared with the Centre.

Resolution: Centre User with the right permissions can now view the Subject.

The following item raised in this release has been raised as a change for inclusion in a future release of Surpass:
- When different versions of a single item exist in Surpass, the versions are shown separately in the Item Performance Report while the Distractor Analysis panel shows the merged data for all versions. This can result in inconsistencies in item usage counts in different parts of the system.

The following item was raised in this release but is not a defect and has been raised for future consideration by the Surpass design team:

- In Item Authoring, in the subject list, if you set up filters or apply a search, and then enter a subject before returning to the subject list, the filters you have set up will no longer be applied.

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