SurpassDelivery: An Introduction

The SurpassDelivery app integrates the Surpass system into an application that can be used on a variety of tablet devices with iOS, Android or Amazon Fire OS operating systems. SurpassDelivery can also be used to deliver tests on Mac OS, as the app will invoke kiosk mode. No new tools are required to create and deliver content, as the app is fully integrated with existing Surpass products.

Features of SurpassDelivery include:
  • Pinch and zoom capability
  • Vertical scrolling for longer questions
  • Static Flash content
  • JPEG image files
  • Colour preference options
  • Suppression of auto-correct and spell-check

(If you have an Android tablet, it may support video - but you will need to check this during the setup process.)

A test must have been certified for tablet delivery during test creation for it to be delivered via the app. Your test can then be scheduled as normal. See the article on Creating a Test for Tablet Delivery for more details on this.  

Note:The SurpassDelivery app currently only supports tests delivered in English.

The SurpassDelivery app can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play, and Kindle Store by searching for 'Surpass'.

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