SurpassDelivery Application: The Candidate Experience

When a user first opens the app, they will be presented with the ‘Login’ screen. As well as a box for the candidate to enter their unique keycode, they will also see five other buttons underneath:
  • Download - This allows the exam to be downloaded in advance of the test date so that it can be taken without an internet connection. This function is particularly designed for examiners needing to pre-download the exam. This button will only become available once the keycode has been entered
  • Practice Test - This lets the user look at and take an example of a  test without the need to enter a keycode
  • Upload - This lets the user upload a finished test (see the article on SurpassDelivery: Exam Upload for further details)
  • About - This provides information about the tablet device and operating systems
  • System Check - This allows the user to check that audio, video and microphone settings are satisfactory before starting the test

Keycode Entry

When the candidate selects the keycode box, the keyboard will automatically pop-up for them to begin typing. If an invalid keycode is entered, for instance, if the test has not been certified for tablet delivery, and error message will inform the candidate of this. Once the candidate's keycode has been accepted, they will be asked to confirm that their personal details are correct.
If the test has not been set to require invigilation, then this is all the candidate will need to do to access the test. If a test has been set to require invigilation, then the candidate will be asked to enter a PIN on the next screen before the test can be accessed.

The test will then automatically download, and the candidate can begin.

Introduction Page

If the test contains an introduction page, this is the first page the candidate will see upon entering the test. The timer will not begin counting down until the candidate selects 'Start Exam'.

The top of the screen displays the test and candidate name, time remaining, name of the page currently being viewed, and the number of questions that are left to answer (this will change as answers are submitted). There are also buttons for 'Settings' (explained below), and a 'Finish' button for the candidate to submit their completed test. All of the above can be seen throughout the test.

How the candidate can navigate through the test e.g. whether they can freely navigate forward and backwards and return to questions, depends on the delivery mode that has been specified in test creation. See the article of Creating a Test for Tablet Delivery for further details on this.


The 'Settings' button allows the candidate to alter the colour settings on the screen, to best suit their needs. This is particularly designed for users with visual impairments, such as colour blindness, who may fine a different colour scheme more accessible.

Selecting one of the settings will generate a preview of that setting, so that the candidate can determine which is most suitable. Selecting 'Default display settings' will return the colour settings to the default option.


The main body of each question page will display the question itself. Underneath the question content, there is a bar containing a number of circles which the candidate can use to track their progress through the test, with each circle representing a question in the test.

Candidates will be warned if they do not complete a question before navigating to the next question. The example below shows the warning that the candidate will be issued with having not answered the question.


 A large circle indicates the current question, and empty question indicates a question that has not yet been attempted, and a shaded circle indicates that the question has been answered.

The candidate will also see a 'View Introduction' button to navigate back to the introduction page (providing there is one), and 'Next' and 'Back' buttons to navigate between questions (please note that in a non-standard layout these buttons may not be available if the candidate is unable to freely navigate between questions).

The candidate can select the 'My Progress' button at any point during the test. This brings up a screen displaying sections within the test (if applicable) and question numbers the candidate has to answer. Those already answered will be highlighted grey, the current question will be highlighted blue. In the standard layout, these buttons can also be used to navigate between questions.


Time Warnings

In a timed test, the candidate will receive warnings when they have 30 minutes, 15 minutes, then 5 minutes remaining. This warning is shown for 4 seconds by default, but the amount of time it appears for can be changed.

If the candidate has not completed the test within the set amount of time, a pop-up will warn them of this. When they click 'OK' on the pop-up, the test will finish.

Finishing the Test

When the candidate has finished the test, they should click the 'Finish' button at the top-right of the question page, and then clicking 'Yes' on the pop-up window that appears to confirm that they do want to finish the test.

If there are any questions that the candidate has not attempted, they will see a pop-up message reminding them of this. They can then choose to either finish the test, or return to the test to attempt those questions (assuming there is time remaining and the delivery mode allows this).

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