How to Create a New User

About: The 'Users' tab in Surpass allows you to create accounts for new users of the system, and edit existing accounts. Users can be created at Site, Centre, or Subject level, and permissions can be assigned depending on the user's role. This guide will explain how to create a new user in Surpass.

Step 1: Create User

From the 'Setup' screen, navigate to the 'Users' tab, and select 'Create User'.

Step 2: Select User Type

Select whether you want to create a user with 'Site', 'Centre', or 'Subject' level permissions. Alternatively, select 'Custom' to create a user with a combination of all three.

Step 3: Complete User Details

Complete the user's details in the boxes provided. Confirmation of their account creation and login details will be sent to the email address you enter here.

Step 4: Select Permissions
Select the permissions the user requires. For example, if a user will only be creating questions in the system and not be performing any other tasks, then they would only require the 'Item Authoring' permission.

In the 'Assignable' column, select whether you want the user to be able to assign the selected permission to other users.

A note on Centre and Subject level users

When creating a Centre level user, you will also be required to select the Centre(s) they should be associated with before selecting any permissions. The user will then only have those permissions at the selected Centre(s).

When creating a Subject level user, you will be required to select the Centre(s), and Subject(s) at those centres that the user should be associated with before selecting any permissions. The user will then only have those permissions for the selected Subject(s).

Step 5: Edit User

A user can be edited at any time, by selecting the user from the list and clicking 'Edit'. This screen will allow the users details including, name, address and email, to be edited. It will also allow you to reset their password and security question. 

There is also the ability to retire or expire a user. 

If you select to 'Retire' this will retire their account and they will no longer be able to log in to Surpass. 

If you reset the expiry date, the default is 10 years, the user will be expired from the date you enter and will no longer be able to log into their account. 

To edit a user's permissions select them from the list and choose 'Edit Roles', here you can select/deselect permissions assigned to this user. 

For more information about Users, visit the following Surpass Help pages: Users and Create a User

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