How to Create a Centre

About: A Centre in Surpass refers to the place where a test is taken, e.g. a school or college. A Centre needs to be available before any subjects, users (at Centre or Subject level), or candidates can be created, as they all need to be associated with a Centre.

Step 1: The 'Centres' tab

Navigate to the 'Centres' tab within the 'Setup' screen. Select the 'Create Centre' button to create a new Centre.

Step 2: Add Centre Details

Fill out the Centre Name and Centre Reference (this must be no more than 30 characters). Selecting the 'cog' icon reveals an optional Centre address field, which will appear on the results slip for tests associated with this Centre.

Select whether you want to enforce randomised Test Forms for tests scheduled at this centre, or whether users can select a specific Test Form to be scheduled. 

Also select whether you want subjects within subject groups to be visible or not with the 'Hide Subjects included in Subject Groups' tick box. Enabling this will prevent any subjects that are included in a Subject Group (managed in the Subject Group panel in the 'Subjects tab of the 'Setup' screen), from appearing as a selectable 'Subject' in Test Creation. This means that tests can no longer be created directly from subjects contained in Subject Groups.

You can also select to have any data from tests scheduled from this Centre to be excluded from the Reporting screens. This is particularly useful if you use practice or dummy tests and you don't want them to have any affect on your overall reports. This can be switched on and off as and when you like. However, if you turn this setting off, you need to wait overnight to run any tests from this Centre before the data shows in Reporting.

There is also the option to select to retire this centre. Retiring a centre will result in tests no longer being able to be scheduled from there. A centre can be unretired by unselecting this box, and it will be available again. 

Step 3: View and Edit Details

Your Centre will now appear in the list and, when selected, the panel on the right of the screen will display the Centre details. These can be edited by selecting the 'Edit' button. You can also view some statistics here, in the 'Centre Statistics' panel.

For more information about creating Centres, visit the Centres Surpass Help page.

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