SurpassDelivery and Tablet System Requirements

About: This document demonstrates the tested devices and operating systems for the SurpassDelivery application and for using Surpass HTML delivery on a tablet, and provides guidance on the recommended operating systems from which to launch delivery. Please note that guidance is provided for devices and software tested by BTL, however, if your device meets the minimum specifications as shown in this document, it may still launch the SurpassDelivery app or Surpass HTML delivery engine without issue. Extensive testing should be undertaken on these devices before use in formal exam delivery.


Recommended devices:
  • Apple: Minimum iPad Air 1st gen. and above, recommended iPad Air 2nd gen. and above
  • Android: Minimum Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and above, recommended Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and above
Screen Resolution:
  • 1024 x 600
  • Minimum 1GB
  • Headphones (for tests with audio)


The SurpassDelivery app, and launching Surpass HTML delivery using a tablet device, are supported using the following operating systems:
  • Apple: the two most recent iPadOS releases
  • Android: the two most recent Android releases


A minimum 2Mbps for every 30 candidate tests sat simultaneously is recommended. Please use the 'Advance Download' functionality if you do not want candidates to have to wait for a test to download at the start of a test session.

Please note, the use of 3G cards may not guarantee a constant bandwith and may fall short of the minimum requirements.

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