How to Install the SecureClient

SecureClient allows you to deliver high-stakes, summative assessments to centres with slow or intermittent internet connections, safeguarding against loss of data and minimising candidate disruption. In addition, SecureClient locks-down candidates' PCs so that no other programs (such as Google Chrome, Windows Explorer, or Microsoft Office) can be accessed for the duration of the test. This guide provides the step-by-step process for installing SecureClient.

Step 1

On the Surpass Home Page, select 'Deliver Test' at the bottom of the screen.

Deliver Test Button

Step 2

On the Surpass Deliver Test screen, select the 'Secure Delivery' tab and then the 'Download SecureClient (MSI)' button.

Download SecureClient Button

Step 3

Your browser will download SecureClient to your specified downloads folder. Once downloaded, open the executable .msi file and choose 'Run' in the 'Open File - Security Warning' dialogue.

Open File Dialogue

Step 4

You will be asked if you consent to changes being made to your computer. Select 'Yes' to open the SecureClient Installation Wizard.

SecureClient Installation Wizard

Step 5

Select 'Next' to start the installation process. The Wizard will ask you to define the installation location for SecureClient (the default location is the C: drive). Once you have chosen your location, select 'Next'.

The Installation Wizard will display a timeline tracking the progress of the SecureClient installation. Once complete, select 'Finish' to close the Installation Wizard.

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