Release 1.6.1 Information (May 2015)

The following updates have been made In Release 1.6.1 of Surpass. Stay up to date by visiting our Ideas Portal and submitting any new ideas of your own. 

You can scroll down this article to review information about the defects fixed in this release of Surpass.

New Features

Test Creation

Create printed tests from subjects that use items from multiple sources (e.g. grouped or shared subjects).

Users now have the ability to print tests created in ‘Test Creation’ when the test pulls items from multiple sources such as shared or grouped subjects (providing the test contains the supported question types). Users will also be able to process the printed tests through the ‘Upload Results’ process, providing the question types are supported in OMR.

Fixed Defects

Item Authoring

Related references: DE16474

Issue: When typing in question text in Item Authoring, in cases where a word does not fit on one line the word was being split, rather than the whole word being moved to the next line.

Resolution: The entire word is now dropped onto the next line when it does not fit on the current line. 

Test Delivery

Related references: DE16219

Issue: When entering a response to an essay question in SecureClient, if an open angled bracket is used (>), any of the text following it is removed.

Resolution: Any text following an open angled bracket will now remain in the response.

Test Creation

Related references: DE16515

Issue: When editing an existing paper based test, the order of questions in the printed test was occasionally being randomised, despite making no changes to any questions or the order of questions.

Resolution: Order of items will not be affected when editing an existing test.

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