Release 12.0 Information (July 2015)

The Summer 2015 release of Surpass offers a wide range of new features and usability enhancements. To find out more about some of these changes, read the 'New Features' section below. You can also find a list of fixed issues at the bottom of this article. A note on release numbers

In order to align release numbers across the range of Surpass products available, the Summer 2015 release of Surpass will be known as Release 12.0.  From here, we will increment upwards with Release 12.1, 12.2 etc. This change has no effect on any features or upcoming developments.  

New Features
Below you will find details of new and changed features that have been introduced in R12.0 of Surpass. The features are divided into sections based on the area of the system which they affect.

Setup and Admin: Password Reset and Security Updates 
Surpass now provides users with the ability to reset a forgotten password through a ‘Can’t access your account?’ link on the log in page, sending an email to the user where they will be able to follow instructions to change their password. In addition to this, new and existing users will be required to set a security question and answer when logging in for the first time after this release.

Setup and Admin: Subject Name Duplication Warning
Users creating new Subjects in Surpass will now see a warning message if they attempt to create a Subject with the same name as an existing Subject.


Item and Test Creation: New Table Question Type
A new table question type has been introduced to Surpass. Item authors are now able to create an empty or partially filled table that a candidate is required to complete in order to answer the question.

Item and Test Creation: Static Table Tool for All Questions
A table tool has been introduced to all question types. This allows the item author to include a static table of data as part of the question, for the candidate to refer to when constructing a response.
Item and Test Creation: Dynamic Rules for Paper-Based Tests
It is now possible to create a test using dynamic rules, when creating a ‘Paper and On-screen’ test using the Test Wizard. Users can now drag a folder from the available items list into their test, and create dynamic rules to randomly select items from that folder. The user is then able to generate and save a fixed test form(s) using the dynamic rules, and can then download candidate and teacher papers for each fixed version.

Item and Test Creation: Improvements to QTI Import and Export
When importing or exporting items in QTI format, the import/export will now also support any media, including images, audio or video that is embedded within the item, providing it is one of the supported file types.
Item and Test Creation: Ability to Download Media
User can now download media currently in the media library of a subject, so that it can be saved and used in another subject’s media library if needed.


Test Administration: New Bulk Scheduling Tool
The new bulk scheduling functionality means that Surpass users can quickly and easily schedule candidates en masse for a test session. This simple tool allows for the upload of up to 1000 candidates per upload. Users with the new ‘Bulk Schedule’ permission will have the ability to use this function.
Test Administration: Candidate Review Session Enhancements
When editing a Candidate Review session, users are now able to leave a comment against the session. A ‘Review History’ function has been introduced to allow users to see who last edited the review session, any changes that were made, and view any comments that have been left.

Users also now have the ability to create their own 6 character unique passcode for the review session, rather than using the automatically generated code should they wish to.

When scheduling a candidate review session for summative tests, users now have the ability to enable feedback to be shown to the candidate. Users can choose whether to enable the ‘View Feedback’ button, and the ‘Feedback by Learning Outcome’ screen.


Reports: Reporting Enhancements and Layout Changes
The layout of the 'Reporting' screen has been simplified to display two tabs, under which the different reports sit. The two tabs are ‘Analytical Data’ and ‘Operational Data’. The analytical tab contains reports on Subjects, Test and Item Performance, Item Production, and Awarding, whereas the operational tab contains centre test volume data that was previously available on the ‘Centres’ report. On accessing the ‘Analytical Data’ tab, data is displayed at Subject level. Filters can be applied to display data only for subjects at specific centres, or the date range in which a test was last sat. Users can ‘drill down’ to test and item level data from this screen.

Furthermore, when exporting report data to a CSV file in the ‘Tests Delivered’ report (previously ‘Awards’), users can now select which columns of data they would like including in the export. The choices made can be set as default settings for future report generations.

Integration: API Version Two Launch
With this release of Surpass a new version of the Surpass API has been launched. Version 2 is a new version of the Surpass API, and is offered in addition to the original API, which is still available. The new API offers a more REST-based approach, and provides a more comprehensive solution. Version 2 also includes new functionality, such as the ability to manage centres and retire candidates through the Surpass API. To learn more about V2 of the API, and to access the relevant help materials, please visit the API Version 2 page in the Developer Portal.


Fixed Issues and Defects
Below you will find details of issues that have been resolved in R12.0 of Surpass. The issues are divided into sections based on the area of the system which they affect.

General, Setup and Admin

ID: DE17332
Issue: There are two Dutch translation errors within Surpass. The word 'Klasse' which appears in the Awards tab should be 'Cijfer' and the words 'Kandidaat beoordelen' which appears on the 'Candidate Review' screen should be 'Kandidaat inzage'.
Resolution: The correct translations are now shown.

ID: DE15374
Issue: When attempting to delete a Centre in the 'Setup' tab, an error is shown and the centre is not deleted.
Resolution: Centres can now be deleted provided the relevant criteria have been met – for example, there are no live tests scheduled at the centre.


Item and Test Creation

ID: DE16159  
Issue: When using the equation editor option when authoring a question which is to be included in a paper test, the equation content is centre-aligned in the printed test. This is inconsistent with standard text which is left aligned as a default.
Resolution: Questions which make use of the equation editor are left-aligned, as is consistent with other question types.

ID: DE16474      
Issue: When typing in text for a question within 'Item Authoring', if the word doesn't fit on one line, instead of dropping the whole word onto the next line, the word is cut in half. This does not affect the presentation of the text to the candidate.
Resolution: The word wrap function behaves correctly during authoring.

ID: DE16515
Issue: When creating a Paper and On-screen test in the Test Wizard questions can reorder if the test is re-edited at a later date.
Resolution: The order of items in a printed test is fixed regardless of the number of questions included in the test.

ID: DE15022
Issue: Identical tests are being generated frequently despite them being set to 'Randomise Items'.
Resolution: Tests are now being generated in a more random manner.


Test Administration

ID: DE14799
Issue: The 'Question Summary' report in the 'Audit' screen is slow to generate when there is a lot of data, sometimes causing error 146.
Resolution: Results are now being returned in a more timely manner.

ID: DE15276
Issue: The marking Auto Void Date is not set and implemented against exams which are automatically submitted when they are in the Awaiting Upload state.
Resolution: The Marking Auto Void Date is set and implemented correctly for relevant exams.

ID: DE15607 
Issue: The submission date for Computer Based Projects incorrectly displays as the version's 'Valid From' date plus the duration rather than the start date plus duration.
Resolution: The submission date is now calculated correctly.

ID: DE16184
Issue: An error is shown when closing the marking popup, if the exam contains sections with non-consecutive IDs.
Resolution: The error is no longer shown in the above situation. 

ID: DE15987
Issue: When changing something for one candidate in a group scheduled assessment that is unlocked, SecureAssess brings up a warning message stating, 'This assessment was scheduled as a group with other candidates. If it is modified, a new group will be created for this candidate. Are you sure want to continue? To edit the group, use the Group by session view'. This message is displayed even for users who have 'Group by session' view configured as 'Unavailable'.
Resolution: The warning message no longer appears for instances that have the related feature configured to 'Off'.


Candidate Delivery

ID: DE15816, DE15813
Issue: PDF tools cannot be re-opened after being minimised in SecureClient, as the PDF is sent to the back.
Resolution: PDFs can now be re-opened after being minimised.

ID: DE16289
Issue: Adobe Reader 10 opens behind SecureClient when opening a PDF attachment.
Resolution: PDF documents now open as normal with Adobe 10.

ID: DE15812 
Issue: SecureClient becomes unresponsive if 'Download exam to take later' clicked before a keycode is entered.
Resolution: SecureClient no longer becomes unresponsive in this scenario.

ID: DE16219
Issue: In SecureClient, if an angled bracket "<" is entered when entering a response to an Essay question type any text which follows the bracket is removed.
Resolution: Text following an open angled bracket remains stored against the questions.

ID: DE10237
Issue: When printing from the candidate feedback screen, the first print out is complete, but in subsequent print outs sections of the feedback reports are missing when saving as a PDF or printing.
Resolution: The report will now be complete, regardless of how many times it is printed or saved.

ID: DE14308
Issue: The drag button in the Source Material pop-up window can obscure content within the pop-up.
Resolution: The drag button no longer obscures content within the pop-up.



ID: DE16389
Issue: For certain items that have been created in BTL’s ContentProducer product, the answer key is not presented in the Raw Data Extract.
Resolution: The answer key is shown for items created in ContentProducer.

ID: DE15901
Issue: There are inconsistencies in the way candidate marks are displayed in different screens of Surpass. In the 'Results' and 'Audit' screens, results display up to 1 decimal place, however, in the Awards reporting screen, marks are rounded to whole numbers, therefore a candidate mark could appear differently.
Resolution: The mark in the 'Awards' screen is now truncated to 1 decimal place.

ID: DE16127, DE16744
Issue: When generating a Raw Data Extract, if particular large volumes of a test have been delivered the generation of the report can timeout before it is complete. This causes an error to be shown and the report cannot be generated.
Resolution: Reports can be generated for larger volumes of tests.

ID: DE16714      
Issue: When viewing the 'Item Performance' report screen the information can sometimes appear blank. This issue occurs when a test form is edited and less than 3 tests have been delivered since the edit.
Resolution: Provided more than 3 tests have been delivered to candidates, data will be show in the 'Item Performance' report, regardless of whether the test form has been edited.

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