How to Create a Static Table

Considering that candidates cannot interact with or edit static tables, they are ideal for displaying supporting data for questions. This article explains how to add static tables to items in 'Item Authoring'.

Note: You can add up to five static tables to any question item (one per question stem block).

Step 1: Adding a Table

To add a static table to an item from the 'Edit' screen, select the cog symbol next to the question stem to access 'Additional Options'.

Choose 'Add Table'.

This creates an empty 3x2 table with a formatting toolbar.

Step 2: Formatting the Table

Use the drop-down menus and buttons to edit the number of cells, table size, colour, cell alingment, and font settings.

For a detailed explanation of all formatting options, please refer to the Add Table page of the Surpass Help Site.

Step 3: Preview and Save

To view the item as the candidate would in a test, select 'Preview'. Choose 'Save' to save your changes.

Note: You can only use static text cells with a static table.

Step 4: Adding Multiple Tables

To add another table to your item, select the add ('+') icon to create a new question stem and reveal the formatting toolbar. Select the toolbar's table icon to create a new table. You can now edit your table. Repeat this process for the required amount of tables.

Note: You have much more flexibility with regards to the formatting of tables in a HTML-Only subject. Please refer to the Adding Tables to Question Stem page on the Surpass Help Site for more information.

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