How to Create a Test Profile

About: A Test Profile can be created and applied to a test in order to customise the branding of the delivery engine. This article will demonstrate how to create a new Test Profile.

Step 1: Navigate to the 'Test Profiles' screen
Navigate to the 'Test Creation' section of Surpass, and select the 'Test Profiles' button in the top-right of the screen.

Note: Only site level users with the 'Manage Test Profiles' permission will have access to this screen.

Step 2: Create New Profile

Select the 'Create New Profile' button. A profile with the name 'New Test Profile' will appear in the list of profiles on the left of the screen. With your new profile highlighted in the list, work through each of the tabs on the right of the screen to create your Test Profile.

Step 3: Settings
Give your Test Profile a suitable name. You can also choose to alter the position and height of the delivery window. A manifest file is relevant to existing users of ContentProducer only.

The name in the column on the left will update when you click 'Save Changes' on this tab. Tick the 'Published' box when your Test Profile is complete and ready to be assigned to a test.

Note: Changes are saved per tab so be sure to click 'Save Changes' before moving to the next tab when creating your Test Profile.

Step 4: Provider Logo
Upload a provider logo that meets the requirements set out on the screen. Use the 'Select Image' button to browse for the file on your computer. The monochrome version will be used for any tests that are run in accessible mode. This is the primary logo shown on the candidate confirmation screens at the start of the test.

Step 5: Client Logo
Repeat the step above, but this time for the client logo. This is the secondary logo shown on the candidate confirmation screens at the start of a test.

Step 6: Delivery Presentation
Use the colour pickers to select a colour for headers and footers, buttons and text. You can also edit the appearance of the test in HTML delivery, including hiding certain buttons, section tabs, or uploading a custom CSS file to format the question stem.

Step 7: Candidate Details
Tick the box next to any candidate details that you want to be shown on the candidate confirmation screen at the start of a test using this Test Profile.

Step 8: Score Report
The score report is displayed to candidates after they have finished the test. The information shown in this report can be customised as part of the Test Profile. Download the sample HTML file, and then upload a template of how you want the report to appear.

Step 9: Publish Test Profile
When your Test Profile is complete, and all of the necessary settings have been applied, return to the 'Settings' tab and tick the 'Published' box. Your Test Profile will then be available to be applied to a test during Test Creation.

For further information, visit the following pages in the Surpass Help:
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