How to Create a Timed Section

About: It is possible to include timed sections in tests, meaning that a candidate must complete a section within the set duration, and once completed will be unable to return to it. Sections can also be set to 'unlocked', so that even in a locked-down test, a particular section could be open to allow the candidates to access files and resources. This guide will demonstrate how to include timed sections in your test.

Note: In order to include a timed section your test must be created or edited using the Test Creation screens. This is not available in the Test Wizard.

Step 1: Add or Edit Section
In the 'Test Form Rules' screen, either add a new section, or edit and existing section by selecting it in the test structure, and selecting 'Edit' at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Set Duration
In the 'Section Properties' window, add an amount of time in minutes, into the 'Section Duration' field. A candidate must complete the section in the time you specify here, or, if they run out of time, they will be moved on to the next section when the duration is up and will be unable to return to this one.

Step 3: Choose whether to Unlock Section
If you would like this section to remain unlocked, even in a locked-down test (e.g. if the candidate is required to refer to files on their computer or sources external to the test) tick this box.
Select 'OK' to set the section properties.

For timed sections, you can also set up different pass types. For more information, please see this article.

Step 4: Test Form Details
With a section duration included, the 'Duration' option of 'Test Form Details' will automatically change to 'Timed Sections'. Here you will see a breakdown of duration by section, along with the overall test form duration.

For further details, visit the Section Details Surpass Help page.

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