Top Tips for Computer Based Projects

The following article contains some points you may want to consider when creating a Computer Based projects, and a reminder of some important settings that need to be applied.

Item Authoring
  • Provide clear and comprehensive instructions to candidates, either in information pages or as part of the question itself. Remember, the candidate could be working on this project for several months, so may need to re-read instructions.
  • Make good use of information pages to offer some guidance to candidates, e.g. how much time they should think about spending on each section of the project, or the proportion of their overall mark it contributes to.
  •  Ensure that you have included any source material that a candidate might need in order to respond to a question.
  • Why not include reminders asking the candidate to check that they have uploaded all the necessary files to their satisfaction before they submit their responses? Whilst it is possible for Markers to upload additional files, e.g. if the candidate forgets to upload something, it's best to keep this to extreme circumstances only.
  • Don't forget to attach mark schemes to your questions 
Test Creation
  • Remember to set the Exam Type to Computer Based Project in the 'General Settings' tab.
  • Remember that the duration for a CBP is set in days, and the deadline is final. E.g. if you set a CBP with a duration of 30 days beginning on the 1st January, but a candidate doesn not enter the project for the first time until 15th January, they would only then have 15 days to complete the project and not the full 30 days.
Test Administration
  • When scheduling your CBP remember to leave the daily availability window as midnight to midnight, so that the candidate can work on the project at any time.
  • Don't forget that if necessary, the submission date of a CBP can be extended whilst it's in progress.

This article provides details about creating Computer Based Projects. The following Surpass Help pages may be useful when creating a CBP: 
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