Creating and Scheduling a Computer Based Project

This article will explain some of the settings that need to be considered when creating and scheduling a Computer Based Project.

Step 1: Select Exam Type
In the 'Edit Test' screen, change the 'Exam Type' in the 'General Settings' tab to 'Computer Based Project. You'll notice that some settings on this screen will become greyed out as they do not apply to Computer Based Projects e.g. 'Requires SecureClient'.

Check that all other general and advanced settings are correct.

Step 2: Construct Your Test 
In the 'Edit Test Form' screen build your test form as usual. 

Step 3: Duration
Set the duration for your Computer Based Project in days. This is the length of time the candidate will have to complete the project, providing they first access the project on its scheduled start date.

Remember to set any reasonable adjustments in days as well. Any candidates that qualify will automatically be awarded extra days to complete their project.

Check that all other test form details are correct.

Step 4: Scheduling
Follow the steps in the Schedule Exam Wizard as normal.
When you get to the 'Set date' step, the calendar will automatically be set with a start date of the current date, and an end date based on the duration you set in the Test Form Details screen.

The start date can be amended, and you can set an end date that is shorter than the duration you set if you wish to, but you will be unable to set an end date that is beyond the duration you set from your start date.

The submission date you set here is final, and will override the duration you previously set if the time between the start and submission date is shorter than the duration.

Note:Unlike a Computer Based Test, if the candidate first enters the Computer Based Project late, they will not receive the full duration. For example, if I set a CBP with a start date of 1st January, a duration of 30 days, and a submission date of 30th January, but a candidate does not enter the project until January 15th, they will only have 15 days to complete the project and it will be automatically submitted on 30th January if the candidate has not already done so.

Step 5: Modify Submission Date

It is possible to modify the submission date of a Computer Based Project whilst it is in progress, should you need to. This can be done by selecting the 'Modify Submission Date' button from the 'Invigilation' screen. When doing this, the submission date can go beyond the original duration that was set.

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