How to Create a File Attach Question

The File Attach question type allows Item Authors to create a question where the candidate can download a blank or partially complete file to work on, and then upload their completed file to the system to be marked. This question type is particularly useful for Computer Based Projects.

This guide will demonstrate how to create a File Attach question in Surpass.

Step 1: Create New Item
Within your subject, select 'File Attach' from the 'Create New Item' menu.

Step 2: Question Text
Add you question text in Step 1 of the edit item screen. For this question type, the text in step 1 may be instructions to candidates, rather than an actual question.

Step 3: Add Source Material
Attach source material if necessary. This could be information the candidate needs to refer to in order to respond to the question, or a document containing detailed instructions.

Step 4: File type
Use the radio buttons to select whether the candidate will download a blank file to work in, or if you will be uploading a file for them to complete.

If you have selected 'Use blank file', choose the file type from the drop-down menu that the candidate will be downloading to work in.

If you have selected 'Upload file', browse to find the relevant file on your computer, and select 'Upload'.

Step 5: Media and Settings
Add any media to the page should you wish to, and edit any settings and tags as required. Remember to upload a mark scheme in the 'Edit Settings' window so that markers will have some guidance.

Step 6: Preview and Save
Preview your item to check that it looks as you expect.

Note:You will not actually be able to download or upload any files in preview mode.

Make sure you've given your item a suitable name, and set the appropriate number of marks. Set your item to the appropriate status, and select 'Save'.

To find out more about File Attach questions, visit the Surpass File Attach Help page.

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