Using Non-Question Items in Surpass

About: In addition to the standard question types available in the 'Item Authoring' tab, a number of non-question items can also be created for inclusion in a test. These are an Introduction Page, Information Page and Finish Page. This article will describe each of the non-question items and how they may be used.

Non-question items are created in the same way as question items, in the 'Item Authoring' tab. For more information on how to create items for inclusion in a test, please see the article on How to Create Questions.

Introduction Page

The Introduction Page is the last page which the candidate will see before starting their test, so this is usually the page you will use to communicate to the candidate any information or instructions they will need to know before taking the test. This could include information such as how long the test is, how many questions the candidate needs to answer and any other relevant details. Below is an example of how an Introduction Page appears in preview mode.

Note: In the Test Wizard users will be prompted to add an Introduction and/or a Finish Page to their test if one hasn't already been added.

Information Page

The Information Page is a page which the candidate will see during their test, these are the pages you may use to communicate to the candidate any additional information or instructions they will need to know during the test. These can be placed at any point throughout the test. The below image shows an example of an Information Page in preview mode.

Finish Page

The Finish Page is a screen that candidates will see when they reach the end of their test, after they have finished and submitted their responses. This page can be used to communicate to the candidate that the test is now complete, or may include other important information such as a link to a follow-up survey to complete after the test. The below image displays an example of a Finish Page in edit mode.

Good Practice Tip:  Hyperlinks can be included on Introduction and Finish pages. These could be used to guide candidates to useful websites, for example leading the candidate directly to the awarding organisation's website on completion of the test.

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