System Branding: Customising Surpass Screens

About: The 'Branding' section of Site Settings allows users with Site Administrator permission to customise the look of the system to fit in with the branding of their organisation. This article will demonstrate how to customise the Login Page and the Home Screen of Surpass so that you can include branding from your chosen organisation.

Once you have logged into Surpass, if you are a Site Administrator you will be able to customise the following parts of the system:

  • The logo seen in the top-left of every screen (Admin Branding)  
  • The logo seen on the right of the login screen, above the username and password fields (Login Branding)
  • The image seen on the left of the login screen (Login Screen)
  • The background and text of the banner screen on the home page (Home Page Banner)  
  • The email footer on auto-generated emails from Surpass (Email Footer)

To do this, select your username and select 'Site Settings'. Then go to the 'Branding' section. Here you will find four tabs correlating to each area of the system which can be customised. 

Select the tab which correlates to the area of the system you wish to customise.

You can insert an image as a file from your device, or as a URL link.

Please ensure that the image you select meets the requirements defined in the tab. If any of the images you try to upload in the 'Branding' section do not meet the requirements outlined, an error message will be displayed.

Once you are happy, select 'Save Changes'. The image you selected will then be displayed in place of the default standard Surpass branding. The default branding can be restored at any time using the 'Restore Default' button on each of the 'Branding' screens.

Note: Any updates you make are saved per tab, so you should always remember to save any changes before navigating to another tab within the 'Branding' section.

To learn about applying branding for test delivery, please see the article How to Create a Test Profile.

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